How to Report Counterfeit Seller Listing Hijackers on Amazon

We all don't want to have hijackers in our brand listing and if you see one, you need to report counterfeit items and hijackers right away. When you go and create a product listing. You will be using a UPC code which in turn, Amazon gives their own version of the code and this is what Amazon uses to track your individual unique product. After you have spent weeks and months of working hard to prepare and launch a product and finally start selling on Amazon with your own brand. The last thing you want is someone else to come in and sell cheap knockoffs of your product.

Hijackers and counterfeit items have been a very big concern on Amazon because they take away your sales and your profit. Now if you have hijackers on your listing and someone orders a product of their listing because they are winning the BuyBox then this is going to be a problem.

What is a Buy Box?

Amazon will automatically designate one seller the default seller of a product. If a customer clicks the “add to Cart” button, the seller that owns the Buy Box will get the sale (unless the customer specifically changes to purchase from a different seller). Because customers will rarely opt for a different seller of an identical product, “owning” the Buy Box is a tremendous advantage in boosting your revenue.

After the customer orders your product and leaves a bad review, that is going to reflect on your listing or that is going to reflect on your seller’s account that you have a bad review. Immediately, you need to get rid of these hijackers right away before they can cause damage.


To Report Counterfeit Seller or Listing Hijackers in your Brand’s Listing:

1. On Amazon, Search for your product’s listing that has been counterfeited.

Search Amazon

When you see a link to the product that says 2 other offers, this is a cue that this listing has a counterfeit.


We need to send a Cease and Desist letter to inform the Hijacker if he won't take down the listing. This is the fastest way to remove the listing without contacting Amazon.


2. Click the “Other Offers” link.

Other Offers Link

Since we will need the link to this page, we need to open another window to visit the seller’s page


3. Right-Click the name of the Hijacker and select “Open Link in New Tab

Amazon Link new tab


4. Once you’re on the seller’s Amazon Page, click the “Ask a Question” button located on the upper right of the page.

Amazon ask question


5. Sign in again if you're asked to.


6. Select “An Order I Placed” and on the Drop-down menu select “Received the wrong item” and click the “Write Message” button.

Amazon write message


There are a lot of templates out there for a cease and desist letter but I believe that this is the most effective letter if you want to report counterfeit items. So copy and paste the sample letter template and edit it.


Amazon compose message


Sample Cease and Desist Letter:

Email 1:

Hello, I am [Your name] the Director of [Company Name] and intellectual property owner of the Brand [Brand name].

I see that you have listed a [brand name] product for sale. [Insert Link to your product and their listing]

Can you show me the receipt for your purchase of this item?

We do not sell (Brand) products to any re-sellers and we think that you may be selling counterfeit items.

Please reply with a receipt that proves that you purchased [Brand name] products from [company name] the intellectual property owner.

OR remove your listing for this product.

I will be contacting Amazon fraud team about this issue if I do not receive a response within 12 hours.


If the seller did not respond after 12 hours, send the second email so he will be informed.


Email 2


As you have ignored my earlier request, I have contacted my Amazon rep about this issue and he is currently investigating it.

If you have purchased this product from (your company name) then it is a second-hand item and should not be listed as new.

If it was purchased from any other source other than (company name) it is not authentic and you are infringing on our intellectual property.

Please note that any further correspondence between us will be recorded and may be used to back up my claims.


After you sent the email, contact Amazon and report counterfeit items and hijackers. Speak to a customer representative ask the other product to be removed or visit and fill the Report Infringement form.


In the Report Infringement form.

1. Indicate if you are a rights owner or an agent and on the drop-down menu select the appropriate complaints and the specific concern


2. Fill in the name of your brand and provide either a written description of the copyrighted work or a link to the copyrighted work or a copyright registration number

Amazon report infringement for Hijackers


3. Click yes if you bought the item and no if not.


4. Fill the field with some additional information. Make sure to be thorough and precise.


5. Then fill out the ASIN or the (Amazon Standard Identification Number) or the URL of each product you are reporting.

Amazon ASIN Field


6. Fill out the contact details and the secondary contact details


7. and click the submit button

Amazon Secondary Contact


If by any chance, Amazon doesn’t have your back, and still refuse to remove the hijackers listing, I recommend bundling an e-book to your product. This may be a user guide, or a product description or anything. Once you have a bundled e-book, you can then resend Amazon a statement on your entire listing. Let them know that this other listing is a counterfeit for they weren’t providing an e-book that you are providing.

Almost 100% of the time, they will remove it within 24hours.


So those are the steps on how to report counterfeit sellers or hijackers on your brand's listing.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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