How to Schedule a Campaign on Klaviyo

A campaign is a one-time send to a pre-established target group of contacts – think regular newsletters, sale announcements, or promotional sends. An individual campaign can be created and sent immediately, or a campaign can be prepared and then scheduled to send at a later time.


In launching a campaign on Klaviyo, you can either send immediately or send at a later date and time. You also have an option to select whether to send it on your time zone or on your recipients time zone. You can also send it by batch. This is applicable if you have a huge number of contacts with you. Now let us walk you through on how to do it on Klaviyo.


Schedule a Campaign on Klaviyo

1. Login to your Klaviyo Account at




2. On the Campaigns section, click the Create Campaign button on the top right. Let’s just go through the campaign creation real quick. 

2 schedule campaign



3. Name your Campaign, select the tag then click the Create Campaign button.


4. Choose the list on where the new contacts will be added and it is up to you if you wanted to enable the smart sending and the UTM tracking. Just click the Save and Continue to Content button after. 

3 schedule campaign



5. Let’s just choose a template to make this quicker. Edit your template and once you’re done, click the Save Content button. 

4 schedule campaign



6. Add the alt-text for your email and change the subject line if applicable as well as the From and the Reply-to email. Just click the Review and Send Campaign button after. 

5 schedule campaign



7. Just review everything and if you’re all set, then click the Schedule and Send button.

6 schedule campaign



8. Since we will be scheduling this then let’s select Schedule. Choose the date on when you want this to be sent. 

7 schedule campaign


If you would like to split your email send into smaller batches and send over a length of time, you can use batch sending. This is applicable to users who have a huge list. Just select Gradually send over several hours option. Select the percentage of recipients each hour and the start time.

You also have an option to pick a time and let Klaviyo send the email on your recipient’s local timezone. If we’re not sure of a recipient’s time zone, Klaviyo will send the campaign based on the timezone you select. If the scheduled send time has already passed in a recipient’s time zone, they will receive the campaign immediately.


9. Once you’re all set, click the Schedule button and you should receive a message that you’re campaign is ready to go.


When you go back to the campaign page, you can now see the campaign that you just schedule. When you click your campaign, you will be given the time schedule on when this will be launched. At this point, you can no longer edit your campaign, but you can still reschedule it. Just click the Re-schedule or Send button at the bottom. 

8 schedule campaign



On the Campaigns page, can hover your mouse and a Cancel Send button should show up on the left. If you decide to cancel the campaign, Klaviyo cannot roll back emails that have already been delivered. The cancellation action will only ensure that any further emails still queued for sending are immediately canceled.


So that is pretty much everything that you need to know in scheduling a campaign on Klaviyo.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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