How to Sell on Etsy

Etsy has long been considered the leading handmade marketplace. The site includes handmade crafts for sale, vintage items, and even craft supplies. What is cool about this is that Etsy charges 20 cents per listing. And listings are good for four months before they expire. You can pay an additional 20 cents to relist items that have expired or sold.


Etsy lets you upload up to five photos with each listing. There’s no additional charge for adding photos beyond that initial listing fee. Etsy also charges a 3.5 percent transaction fee on every sale. You can pay those fees, along with the listing fees, once per month. Each Etsy seller can set up their own individual store with its own header photo, profile, and policies. Shoppers can view your products within your store or within Etsy categories or search results.



How to Sell on Etsy

1. To access Etsy just go to http://www.etsy.com1-etsy-login


2. Right then and there, you should see a “Sell on Etsy” on their home page. Just click Sell on Etsy to get started.



3. You will be asked to sign-in your account on Etsy. Just fill in your login credentials and click continue. You can also sign in using your Google account or Facebook.



4. You will be taken immediately to the Shop Preferences. Just indicate the Shop Language, Country, and Currency. Also, choose the description that best describes you. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed.



5. Name your Shop. Indicate the name of your Shop. Click the Check Availability button to check if the shop name is available. Every shop name in Etsy needs to be unique. If your Shop has a similar name, it will give you an error and suggestions below.



But if the name is available, it will give you an orange check. Once you’re all set, click the Save and Continue button to proceed.



6. Next is the Stock your Shop. This is where you will be adding products to your shop. To add your first listing, click the blue Add a Listing. 5-stock-your-shop-add-listing


7. The first thing that you need to do is to add a photo. Click the Add a Photo icon and select the photos of your products. 6-add-photos


The first photo on the left is going to be your thumbnail or the Primary Photo as shown below. You can change the primary photo by just dragging the other photo to the left. Adjust your thumbnail if needed.


8. Fill out all of the required Listing Details. Indicate the title of your listing and indicate more information about the listing like who made it, what is it, and when was it made.



9. Choose the right category for your listing. Just search for it in the search field and select the appropriate category on the list. It is up to you if you want to indicate the color or if this is an event item.


10. Choose your renewal option. Automatic is recommended if you have an unlimited quantity of your listing otherwise, choose Manual.


11. Choose the type if it is Physical or Digital. 7.1-listing-details-2


12. Fill out the description. Give a brief overview that describes your items finest features. Make sure that you have an SEO rich description.


13. Indicate your Production Partner. Since we have indicated earlier that the one making our product is from another company or person. We need to indicate the production partner. Just indicate your partner’s description and about your partnership. After you have saved your partner’s name, make sure to put a check on the production partners. 8-partners


14. Tags and Materials are optional but I recommend to add those. 9-tags-materials


15. On the Inventory and Pricing section, indicate the price, quantity and the SKU of this listing. If your listing has variation, you can also add them by clicking the Add Variations button.



16. The last part of this section is the Shipping. I recommend that you let Etsy calculate the shipping cost for your listing. Indicate the Origin Zip Code of your item and your processing time. Buyers are more likely to purchase items that are ship quickly.



17. Indicate the countries on where you will be shipping your item. By default, worldwide is selected. If you wanted to just select the United States, then expand the selection by clicking edit and uncheck the countries on where you don’t want to ship to. 12-where-to-ship


18. Choose the shipping services that you wanted to offer to your customers. By default, 6 USPS mail classes are offered, but it is up to you if you wanted to limit your customer’s option.





19. Again, Etsy is the one who will calculate the shipping for you. So if you are providing free shipping, then this is the only time where you will be selecting 1 shipping option. Make sure to put a check on the free shipping. Also, don’t forget to add your handling fee if there is.



20. Indicate the package description. Fill in the item weight and the item size when packed. 



It will automatically generate the shipping cost. You can now view the estimated shipping cost. If the Free Shipping is checked, the shipping cost will just show as Free.



21. Click the Preview button at the bottom to review your listing and if you are done with everything, click the Save and Continue button.




22. You will be back on the Stock your Shop page. You should see the listing that you just created below. Click the Save and Continue button to continue.


 23. The next 2 items are more about your personal information. How you’ll get paid section is where you will add your bank and your personal information. As a start, select where your bank is located. The last one is your billing information. This is basically where you will enter your credit card information. They will be charging your card within 15 days.




So, once you get past the billing information, your listing will be live and it should look like this. 19-etsy-listing


The placement of your product is pretty much the same as everything else. So you already have created your first listing on Etsy.

So that’s it. That is how you sell a product on Etsy.




Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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