How to Send & Replenish Inventory To FBA

Replenishing your stock on Amazon FBA is one of the basics that you need to know. We all wanted to keep our money rolling which means that going out of stock is a no-no. Once your inventory is sold out, it just means that you can’t sell your product just yet until you replenish it.


Since this is an Amazon FBA product, this means that we the third-party vendors’ store products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and Amazon picks, sorts, packs, ships, tracks and handles returns and refunds for these products. Most of the buyer prefer this shipping method and that is why this is also widely used by sellers.


Send & Replenish Inventory To FBA

1. Sign in to your Seller Central Account. That’s

amazon sign-in


2. Hover your mouse to the Inventory tab then select Manage FBA Inventory on the drop-down.

amazon manage fba inventory


3. Lookup the item that you want to replenish then check the checkbox in-line to it.

amazon send replenish inventory


4. Click the Actions menu then select send/replenish inventory on the drop-down.


Choose a Shipping Plan

5. Make sure that the Ship From address is correct and select the Type of Packing.

amazon replenish inventory


You can always click the what’s this link for the information on the 2 types of packing. Basically, Individual products are the shipment consisting of individual items with different SKU’s and in different conditions in one packing. Case Packed products, on the other hand, are identical items with the same SKU on one packing.


Click the Continue to Shipping Plan button to proceed to the next step.


Set Quantity

6. Just indicate how many units are there in one case or in one box and indicate on how many box or case are you sending. Click the Continue button on the right to proceed to the next step.

amazon set quantity


Prep Service

7. Next is you need to indicate who is going to prepare your product. This means that if you want Amazon to prepare your product or if you want Amazon to pack it for you. Any extra work that needs to be done for your package and you want Amazon to do it, then select Amazon. Amazon is going to charge you a fee for this.

amazon fba prep fees


Amazon has guidelines on how the items need to be packed, so if you know the guidelines then you can just select Merchant on the drop-down. You will definitely save a lot of money here for Amazon charges per Item.

amazon prepare products

Once you’re done, click the Continue button to proceed to the next step.


8. Next is the Product Labeling. Again, if you wanted Amazon to label your product then select Amazon. But if you’re labeling it yourself then select Merchant.

amazon label products


9. Since we are doing this ourselves, select the size of your product packaging then click the Print Labels for this Page button.

It will download a PDF file containing all of the Labels for your product. All you just need to do is to print it, cut it out and attach it to your product Packaging.

Once you’re done with this step, click the Continue button.


Review Shipments

10. This is where you will name this shipment. This information is internal just for you to recognize this shipment. So you can name it whatever you want, then click the Approve Shipment button to proceed.

amazon review shipment


11. After you approve your shipment, it will generate a shipment ID. Click the Work on Shipment button to prepare your shipment.


Prepare Shipment

On the top, you should see the summary of where the item is going to be shipped and on where it is coming from as well as the prep fees associated to this shipment.

amazon address

12. Select your shipping service then select the shipping carrier.

Since this is an international shipment, the first 2 options which are UPS and FedEx are grade out. But for those who are shipping from the United States, then you can select either one of this 2 options.

amazon shipping service


13. Select the shipment packing. If you will place everything in one box or use multiple boxes. Indicate how many boxes are you going to ship and the box dimensions. Click the Confirm button to submit your box information.

amazon shipment packing


14. Once you have finalized everything, Click the Complete Shipment button. It will then give you a summary of everything and your done.

amazon complete shipment

And that’s it. That is How to Send & Replenish Inventory To FBA.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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