How to Setup An Email Campaign In Klaviyo

Sometimes an email template just isn’t enough. As a business owner, you want a more personalized touch and that is where Klaviyo comes in. Klaviyo provides is a better way to communicate with your clients and customers through email and newsletters. You can easily sign up and start using their services absolutely free. The free account covers 250 contacts, 500 emails sends which include the newsletter. You will also get A/B testing tools, segmentation, and the responsive drag and drop email creator.

Klaviyo can help to produce a better-designed email campaign for your company and let us walk you through on the basics of creating an email campaign.

To Setup An Email Campaign In Klaviyo

Before you can use their services, you need to sign up first. It’s easy to sign up. Just make sure that you have a mailing address and an existing phone number.

Once you have an account setup Login to your Klaviyo account.


1. On the main dashboard, look for the “Campaigns” on the left side and click it.


2. On Campaigns, click the “Create Campaign” button to start.



You will then reach the “Create Campaign” Wizard.


Create Campaign Wizard

3. Name your Campaign. It can be any name and select the folder on where you wanted it to be saved.

klaviyo creating campaign


I highly recommend to Use Smart sending. This will not send any campaigns who received this kind of email in the last 16 hours.

It is also up to you if you wanted to add google analytics to the links on your email. This will allow you to track the web activity of your readers.


If you want to know how to add a web tracking feature to your Shopify Store, we have a tutorial for that.


4. Once you have set up everything on this page, click the “Save & Continue to Content” button to proceed.

You will be asked to select what type of email to create. You can select Rich HTML, Text Based, use a template, or Code your own email content.

klaviyo email type


5. Select the layout of your email. You can view it by clicking the “Magnify” button

klaviyo template library


Email Editor

klaviyo email editor

You will be directed to the email editor. This is where you can edit your email, change its appearance, layout and etc. There are two sections here. The left side is the Control section and this is where you can find all the resources for your content. This is also where you can change the design, the color, text style, etc. Editing and the rest of the functions are also done in this area.


The Right side, on the other hand, is the layout section and this is where you can see the content layout and on how it appears. You can also change the layout by dragging the contents.

  • You can delete the blocks by just hovering your mouse to it and select the “Trash” icon next to it.
  • Drag and drop the blocks from the left column if you wanted to add more content.
  • Once you click the block on the layout, you can edit it on the Left side.
  • You can also duplicate a block on the layout by hovering your mouse to it and clicking the “Copy” icon.


6. Once you’re all set, click the “Save Content” button located on the top right.

This next page is the Email Preview. This is what your readers will see once they receive the email.

klaviyo email review

This is also where you can change the subject, the name of the sender and the email address on where your readers can reply to.


You can go back to the Email Editor by clicking the “Edit Content” button on the right.


7. Once everything is all set, click the “Review & Send Campaign” button.



The next page is where you can see all the summary. As you can see it gives you all the key information about almost everything.

klaviyo email campaign checklist

You can see the list of where you will be sending your email, the subject line, the reply email, the content, possible content issues, unsubscribe link and tracking.


What is cool about this is that Klaviyo detects possible content issues in your email. This means you can ensure that your email is flawless and is ready to be sent.


For my case, since I did not edit the default content, it will show as a warning, but if you have edited all of your content, then it will show a green check.


8. After you have finalized everything, Click the “Send Campaign” button at the bottom to launch the campaign and you’re all set.


And that is how you create your first email campaign in Klaviyo.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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