How To Setup Google Analytics to Shopify

If you run an e-commerce store on Shopify, you’ll know one of the biggest challenges is finding out how your customers are using your store. There are store’s performance questions that can’t be answered with the data available in Shopify’s analytics, thus we need to use Google Analytics. Google Analytics lets you track visitors, sessions, and other customer behavior on your store.

Google Analytics is not only used for website tracking but it can also track the transactions and the revenue that your online store is generating. The process of tracking your online store is termed as e-commerce tracking. With it, you can track your customer location, your most popular products and the channels that drive the most sales.

There is quite a lot of advantage of why you need to consider using Google Analytics to your Shopify store. We will walk you through on how to do it.



Setup Google Analytics to Shopify

1. What you need to go to the Google Analytics website which is You will be asked to sign-in if you are not signed in yet.

  0 Google_analytics_setup_shopify


2. If you haven’t used Google Analytics yet, then you will be asked to sign-up. Just click the Sign-Up button on the right. 

1 Google_analytics_setup_shopify


3. The next page is where you will be setting up your account. 



2 Google_analytics_setup_shopify
  • Make sure that you are tracking the website.
  • Indicate your Account Name, Website Name, and your Website URL.
  • Select the Industry of your website as well as the Reporting Time Zone.


3 Google_analytics_setup_shopify
  • Just make sure that all of the recommended items on Data Sharing Settings are checked.
  • Then click the Get Tracking ID button at the bottom.


4. A pop-up will show up. Just agree with the terms and conditions of Google Analytics and click the I Accept button below.

4 Google_analytics_setup_shopify5 Google_analytics_setup_shopify


You will be directed to the Tracking Info page. This is where your Tracking ID is shown as well as the Global Site Tag. For those who already have Google Analytics, you can go to Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.


5. Copy the Global Site Tag

6 Google_analytics_setup_shopify


6. Log in to your Shopify Admin at



7. Once you’re in, click the Online Store Sales Channel and select Preference on the drop-down. 

7 Google_analytics_setup_shopify


8. Scroll down to the Google Analytics section and paste the Global Site Tag on the field.


9. Then click the Save button on top.


You should see your Google Analytics Tracking ID displayed. Just make sure that it is the same tracking ID that you have on your Google Analytics.

 8 Google_analytics_setup_shopify


10. You can verify the connection by clicking the Send Test Traffic button on Google Analytics. Your website should pop-up. 



In a couple of minutes, your data traffic should show up on the Google Analytics dashboard. So that’s it. That is how you set up Google Analytics to Shopify.


Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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