How to Start Selling on eBay

eBay is an online shopping site that’s best known for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. It’s also extremely popular for online merchants to use as a sales channel. Anyone can open an eBay account for free. You can opt to sell as well as buy products. Because you can buy and sell nearly everything here, millions of transactions go through every single day.

With more than 170 million active users, eBay is the second-largest online retailer next to Amazon. That is 170 million times your product listing can gain exposure and your business can gain sales. Selling products through effective marketplaces like eBay is something you want to capitalize on as a business owner.

Now let’s get started selling on eBay!

Start Selling on eBay

1. The first thing that you need to do is to access the website. Just go directly to


2. Click the Sell link located on the top right portion of the page.

1 get-started-on-ebay



3. This next page is where we will be looking for the type of product to sell. If you have your product ID, then you can also type in here.

For this example, I’m looking for a Rainbow Chakra Tapestry towel.

2 get-started-on-ebay




4. Just search for your product and select the product that is closest to yours. Click the Sell One Like This button.


5. Then select the condition of the product that you’re selling.


3 get-started-on-ebay



6. If you’re not signed in, then you will be asked to sign in.

4 get-started-on-ebay

For this tutorial, we will be starting from scratch in which we will be registering an account first. Click the Create an Account to start the registration process.


7. Fill in your details and click the Create Account button. You can also use your Facebook or your Google Login.

5 get-started-on-ebay


8. The next page is to provide your contact information. Just enter your street address and your phone number. Make sure it is a working phone number because they may verify your identity. Just click the List your Item button below once you’re done filling out the form.

6 get-started-on-ebay



9. The next page is where you will change your listing preference. You can change the title of the item that you’re selling or you can just leave it as it is.


7 get-started-on-ebay



10. Drag and drop the photos of your item that you’re planning to sell. The first photo is going to be the main photo. Just drag the photo that you want to be your main to the left.

8 get-started-on-ebay



11. The Details area is where you will be indicating additional details to your product. Just select the specific details of your item to help buyers find it quickly. The description is optional but you can always change anytime.

9 get-started-on-ebay



12. Change the pricing. By default, eBay will just set this as an auction. You can always change the starting bid of your item. Check the Easy Pricing to lower your starting bid once your item is relisted. You can also add a buy it now so buyers can purchase it right away with the price that you have indicated. 

10 get-started-on-ebay



13. For Shipping, indicate the package weight and you can always change the shipping service that you wish to offer to your customers. You can also charge a fixed amount for shipping or offer free shipping to your customers. You can also have this picked up locally.

11 get-started-on-ebay



14. Listing preference is where you can set the email address on how you are getting paid for your listing. This is also where you can indicate the Handling time, Country and the Location of your item. It is up to you if you will accept returns or enable more options for your buyers such as shipping method or reserve pricing.

12 get-started-on-ebay





15. Before you hit the List It button, I suggest that you check the preview of your listing first. You can also save this for later. 

13 get-started-on-ebay

16. Once you decide to list your item, since we just created an account, you will be asked to verify your identity.

14 get-started-on-ebay



You can either choose thru text or thru call. Just type in the code that they will be sending. 


After verifying your identity, you can now continue in listing your item. You should see a confirmation that your item is already listed.

15 get-started-on-ebay



Congratulations! Now you already have your first listing.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!





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