How to Sync Your Privy Pop Up Campaign and Klaviyo

A pop-up is also called a “modal window”. Basically, it’s “any type of window that is secondary to a parent window that usurps the parent’s control.” The easiest way to think about it is as a window that pops up upon a certain trigger and stops visitors from interacting with the page until they complete a certain action. Most of the time, they capture email addresses.


Pop-ups are really getting more catchy these days. They make me feel that an I am a special person who only is eligible for their offer. So have you ever wondered, where this email go? Well, they are actually synced to an email marketing software which is then used for an email campaign.


One of the best software in email marketing is Klaviyo. Aside from it being used for an email campaign, it is also being tracked for performance and conversions. Having this integration is going to be a big leap for your e-commerce business.


There are 3 things that we need to do. We need to generate an API key, Link both accounts and select the pop-up campaigns to sync.


Generate an API key

1. To generate an API key, Sign in to your Klaviyo Account.  On the main dashboard, click your Account Name on the Top Right and Select Account on the drop-down.

klaviyo main dasboard


2. On the Account Page, click the Settings tab located on the upper right then, select the API key on the drop-down.


3. Click the Create API key button then, it will automatically generate an API key for you.

klaviyo create api key


If this is your first time creating an API key, then you should see a button, but if not, then there should be a link on the right side.

klaviyo api

Once you have your API key, the next thing that we need to do is to link your Klaviyo and your Privy account.


Link Klaviyo and Privy

4. Login to your Privy account and on the Main DashboardClick your Account Name located on the top right. On the drop-down, select Integrations.

privy main dashboard


5. On the Linked account page, under available integration, search for Klaviyo and select it.


6. A pop-up will appear and just fill in your Klaviyo Email Adress and Paste the API key on the next field then, click the “Link Account” button.

shopify link klaviyo

You should see the Klaviyo as one of the Linked accounts.


Sync Pop-up Campaign to Klaviyo List

The last step is to sync the pop-up campaign to your Klaviyo list.


1. On Privy’s main dashboard, select the pop-up campaign that you wish to sync.

privy campaigns


2. On the results summary, click the Automation tab then, click the “New Rule” button.

privy automation tab


3. On the drop-down, select your Klaviyo account and select the list of where you wanted to sync those data that you collected. It is up to you if you would want to require a double opt-in. Once you are all set, click the “Save” button below.

privy sync pop-up


Now that you have successfully synced this pop-up campaign to your Klaviyo, all of the information that the pop-up has collected will be automatically synced to your Klaviyo list. If you have a couple of pop-up campaigns that you need to sync to Klaviyo, just redo what I did earlier and you should be good to go.


When you configure a new Campaign in Privy, you now have the option to set up an Email Sync on the Automation step. This is where you configure your Campaign to sync directly to a chosen list in Klaviyo.


So again, ladies and gents, those are the steps on How to Sync your Privy Pop-up Campaign and Klaviyo.



Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!

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