How to Upload your Premium Theme on Shopify

Working in the field of marketing will eventually require you to understand how images and qualitative designs work to gain the attention of potential customers. Catching customers eyes are the first priority in any business. Without mastering this, customers will never pay you the slightest bit of attention. And, that will lead to zero sales. Of course, when it comes to first impressions, you’ll primarily rely on marketing.

Shopify offers free themes to its users, which in turn are used by many. But to stand out, you need that extra effort to make sure that you can capture the attention of your customers. If you want to customize a premium theme for your online store, then you need to add one to your admin and we will walk you through on how to do it.

Upload your Premium Theme on Shopify

1. What you need to do first is to access the Shopify Admin. Log in to your Shopify account at



2. Once you’re in, click the Online Store sales channel on the right side to access the Themes. 1-online-store-theme-library


3.  On Themes, scroll down and go to the Theme Library then click the white Upload Theme button.



4. On the pop-up, click the Choose File button and search for the theme that you wanted to upload. Please take note that the theme for Shopify needs to be in a zip file. Do not extract the zip file on your computer. Keep it intact.



5. Once you have selected your theme, click the Upload File button to start the upload. This may take a while depending on the file size of your theme or your internet connection speed.



The added theme will show up on the Theme Library list. It should be on top of your previous themes. There should be a “Just Added” tag on the theme that you just uploaded.



6. As you can see, the theme is not replaced yet. What we need to do next is to replace the current theme with the premium theme that we just uploaded. Click the Actions drop-down on the theme that you just added and select Publish.



7. On the pop-up, it will let you know that you will be replacing your old theme with the new one that you have just uploaded. Just click the Publish button to confirm the changes.



You should see that the current theme is now your new premium theme. You can click customize and you can now start editing your premium theme.



So that is how you upload a premium theme on Shopify.




Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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