How To Create a Youtube Video Campaign in Adwords

Have you noticed the skippable or short videos that would play before you can view the actual video that you are watching? These are the video ads and this is an effective way to drive traffic or get leads. You can create one of this ad with the help of AdWords and YouTube by creating an ad video campaign.


To Create a Youtube Video Campaign Through Adwords

Link your Youtube Account to your Adwords Account

If this is your first time in creating a YouTube Video Campaign, then what you need to do is to Link your YouTube account to your AdWords account. You can either do both ways, you can do it through Youtube and Approve it in AdWords, or Link the account on AdWords and approve it on YouTube.


Make sure that you are both signed in to your Youtube and AdWords account.


On Youtube

1. On Youtube, Click your account thumbnail located at the top right corner and select “Creator Studio

youtube account thumbnail


2. Once you’re in “Creator Studio” click the “Channel” section on the left side and select “Advanced


3. Under “AdWords account linking” click the “Link an AdWords account” button.

youtube creator studio channel


4. On the pop-up window, paste the AdWords account number in the field given and click the “Next” button

adwords account linking


5. Assign a name to that AdWords account, set the permissions and click the “Finish” button

adwords account linking


The added account will then appear on the on the “AdWords account linking” area

adwords account linked


Next thing that we need to do is to approve the request on AdWords


On Adwords

6. Click the “Wrench” icon located at the Top Left corner and select “Linked Accounts” under Setup.

adwords setting options


7. On the Linked account Page, scroll down and look for “YouTube” and select “Details

adwords youtube


You can then see the account that requested a link on the “Link Request” area. You might need to refresh the page if it’s not in there.

adwords linked request


8. Click the View Request and select Approve.

adwords request approve

Now that you are done Linking your Account on AdWords and YouTube, let us create a video Campaign on AdWords.


Create a YouTube Video Campaign on Adwords

1. On your AdWords home page, Select Campaigns on the overview column on the left side and Select the “+” Button

adwords add campaign


Select a Campaign Type

2. You will be asked to select your campaign type. Since this is for a YouTube Video Campaign, select “Video


3. Select the appropriate Goal that you need.

It could be to Generate Customer leads and sign-ups from people interested in your business or get more of the right people to visit your website. It can also be to encourage people to consider your products or brand in purchasing or just to reach a wide audience to generate or increase awareness of your brand or products. If you don’t want to be bothered by any goal that you want to achieve, you can just select “Create a Campaign without a goal”


4. Once you have selected your Goal, a campaign subtype will appear at the bottom, depending on the Goal that you have selected.

This is where you will decide if you would want to expand your ads to mobile devices. Because most of the mobile users watching youtube just don’t want ads and it is much more effective if you just target those audiences that use their computer.


5. Once you have selected the campaign subtype, click the “Continue” button

adwords youtube video campaign


Fill out all the campaign details

6. Fill out the Campaign Name


7. Select and indicate your budget. You can either set a daily amount or an amount for the whole duration.


8. Select the start and end date of your Ad. If you want it to start it right away, please take note that it would take 1 business day to take effect.


9. Select the network on where you wanted your ad to appear. It vary’s with the goal that you selected earlier.

This next step is more on Audience Targeting. Since this tutorial is just for using your YouTube video as an Ad Campaign, we will skip the Audience Targeting. Audience Targeting will be in another video.


Create Your Video Ad

10. On the “Your YouTube Video” field, paste the video URL of your video.

adwords create video ad


11. To get the correct Video URL on YouTube, Go to your video and click “Share” right below the video and on the pop-up window, that is where you can see the correct video URL.

youtube video url

On the left side of the screen is where you can see how it looks like if viewed on desktop and mobiles. You can also see how it is shown on Google Video Partners.


12. Fill in the Final URL and the display URL Final URL is going to be the landing page for where you want to direct your customer if they click the video. The Display URL, on the other hand, is the URL displayed on the video located at the bottom left part of your video.


13. Just let it remain as Auto-Generate using videos on your channel on the Ad URL options.


14. Name your Ad


15. Once everything is Final, click the “Save and Continue” button.

adwords youtube video ad

Once you have created your ad, it will show up in your Ad Groups and on your Campaigns.


That is how you Create a Youtube Video Campaign Through AdWords.


Want us to walk you through it? Watch the video here!



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