Top 7 Instagram Apps For E-commerce Sellers

With over 400 million Instagram users, the majority of e-commerce purchasers spend their free time on Instagram. It’s where your customers are hanging out, so it’s where you should be cultivating your online business’s customer list.


Instagram allows you to tap into a huge market of potential customers. But creating high-quality content can also eat away at your time and resources.


At Seller’s Choice, we’re always looking for ways to simplify our marketing and customer outreach.


Below are some of our favorite Instagram apps to streamline your social media content marketing.


Why Instagram For Ecommerce

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms today, with more than 10x more engagement than even Facebook. 50% of Instagram users actively follow and interact with brands, and over a third of users have purchased a product they found on Instagram.


Instagram is one of the strongest ways to improve the visibility of your brand and products. You can create a consistent brand identity that promotes the lifestyle surrounding your products. This helps you connect with your customers on a deeper and more engaging level.


With Instagram, you’re not just selling a product—you’re selling an image.


Instagram is more than just a photo sharing app. It’s a way to generate and share content with your customers. Some eCommerce stores even utilize Instagram to build a library of content they can leverage on their websites.


For example, a clothing company is displaying a dress on their Shopify website. Underneath the typical product page (with the pictures, sizing, and details of the dress) is an Instagram plugin. This shows Instagram pictures of women wearing that dress. This helps show the fit and style of the dress as well as the use of the dress in similar shoppers’ lives.


Top 7 Instagram Apps For E-commerce Sellers Instagram app on mobile phone


It’s important to use Instagram to build a brand identity and demonstrate the lifestyle behind your products. For example, Bloomingdales uses an “it” girl who brings her Bloomingdale’s purchases with her throughout NYC. This isn’t just uploading pictures of products that the retailer is selling; they’re showing their products in action, so the customer can imagine how it will fit into her own life as well.


Instagram creates a social community around your products.


It’s time to start leveraging Instagram for your e-commerce business.


But how can you quickly implement a high-quality Instagram strategy?


Below are our 7 favorite Instagram applications to take your page from social media to social branding! 


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1. Boomerang

Boomerang is one of the hottest Instagram apps today, “booming” in popularity with Instagrammers and influencers. A “Boomerang” is a short, moving picture that plays on a loop.


This is great for an e-commerce brand because you can quickly and easily show your product in use. If you sell sunglasses, you can take a short video of someone putting on their sunglasses. Boomerang will show them putting on and taking off their glasses in a loop.


Boomerang is the easiest, simplest, and trendiest way to show your products in action, so customers can envision using the product in their own lives.


Top 7 Instagram Apps For E-commerce Sellers Boomerang App


2. Layout

Layout helps you create unique layouts of pictures for Instagram. This includes high-definition collages and distinctive filters not offered on Instagram itself.


One of the most important aspects of Instagram marketing is consistency. You want to build a steady visual aesthetic on your page. For example, your pictures may all show the same key “influencer,” the lighting may always be white and bright, or you always list your website in the lower right-hand corner of the image.


Layout can help you create a unique brand look for your Instagram page. You can use consistent filters and layouts to build a visual identity.


3. Repost

Repost allows you to share videos and photos from other users’ pages. You simply copy the “share URL” and open Repost. It’s an easy way to repost content while attributing appropriate credit.


Sharing and reposting content from similar accounts is a great way to create relationships within your industry. If you repost an influencer’s content and tag them, they’ll get a notification and impression of your brand. They may comment, like, and follow your brand. If you can grab the attention of others in your industry—especially influential ones, like lifestyle influencers—you’ll have greater visibility and connections.


Repost is also a great way to supplement your content. You always have images to share with your followers without spending time a lot of time building a large volume of quality content. Social media is about sharing information, and Repost makes this “sharing” easy and simplified.


4. Swipeable

Swipeable helps you care a panorama or 360-degree photo on your Instagram page. Instagram only offers square pictures, which limits how much you can show in a given image. This is an easy way to edit your picture into multiple pieces if you don’t have photo editing experience.


Swipeable lets you take longer, wider pictures and divide them into square, shareable pieces. This removes the “cramped” look of wide photos and allows you to share a more complete picture and memory. You can then publish these square pieces in one post in an easy, swipeable format.


Top 7 Instagram Apps For E-commerce Sellers swipeable app


5. Hyperlapse

Videos add a unique dimension to your content and social pages. Videos can show your product in use in everyday life. Moreover, quality videos show your business’s dedication to providing valuable content to viewers.


Hyperlapse helps you create high-quality time-lapse videos to use on Instagram and Facebook. It offers stabilization technology to keep your videos clear no matter the action. You can speed up the video by 12x, so you can share a greater memory or experience in a shorter time.


For e-commerce companies, we especially love timelapse videos of products being packaged. This is a great way to show off your product while proving quality to your customer. The customer imagines that the product is being packaged for them. With a great video of your product in motion, you’ll quickly attract sales conversions.


6. Ripl

Ripl helps improve the quality and professionalism of your images and videos. Visual aesthetic is critical on Instagram, and Ripl helps create content that drives engagement and acquires customers—and there’s no editing experience necessary.


Ripl helps you create branded, styled social media posts with 200+ templates and slideshow designs. You can then share these posts to all your social media accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The Ripl app will also track your weekly process and monitor your engagements per post.


If you want to create a professional, branded Instagram account for your business, Ripl is the easiest and simplest way.



7. Typorama

Typorama helps you “automagically” enhance your images with inlaid text. This is a creative, gorgeous way to share inspirational, motivational, or lifestyle posts that build a unique brand identity. Typorama is as automatic as visual text gets, so you don’t need any graphic design skills or expertise.


We love using Typorama to share a picture of a product with subtle marketing text on top. For example, you could share a picture of someone wearing your sunglasses with embedded text that says, “It’s always sunny on the bright side.”


The Bottom Line

Instagram can help increase your visibility, acquire new customers, grow your customer loyalty, and convert sales. With quality posts and engagement, you can transform your e-commerce business from a store to a brand.


Which apps do you use for your social media strategies? Let us know in the comments below!


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