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On January 11th, 2019 our own Andrew Maff sat down with Rolando Galeana, Content Creator of Jungle Scout, to talk about what Jungle Scout does and how it can help you improve Amazon selling strategies. 


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Rolando Galeana:  My name's Rolando Galeana, I am the co-host of the Million Dollar Case Study as well as a content creator for Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is a suite of tools for Amazon sellers, essentially helping someone that's interested in the opportunity to be able to find a product through product research, help them launch the product and then also help with the day to day business management through our software tool like Fetcher which is the bookkeeping for the Amazon sellers. So essentially taking anyone from the beginner phase that's probably never even heard of the opportunity of being able to sell through Amazon and in particular Amazon FBA which is fulfillment by Amazon, all the way through the more established business owner that is the power sell on Amazon.

Andrew Maff:  Nice so I was really looking forward to this one. This one I knew was going to be a good one 'cause you guys are very similar to us. You do a ton of content so I love following you guys. I feel like I almost know every one of you and I can already tell from being here for 10 seconds, we got people coming in from Mexico and Tampa, Florida are coming in. You guys have a fan base, you're all over the place, London, that's amazing. You guys are all over the world, that's awesome, clearly a lot of sellers who have already started to diversify themselves as well.

Rolando Galeana:  Yes, absolutely.

Andrew Maff:  The other thing, you guys also have Jungle Market too, correct?

Rolando Galeana:  Absolutely.

Andrew Maff:  Love that thing. That came out last year, right?

Rolando Galeana:  It did, it did, about the start of last year. It hasn't been in existence for too long, but it has taken off like a rocket.

But yeah, what questions do you have in reference to that?

Andrew Maff:  You know, I'm a big fan of it. We obviously used it, we're on it too. We work with obviously sellers on Amazon and off Amazon but obviously pretty much everyone's on Amazon right now and we get questions all the time about, "Oh, do you know anyone who can help us with this specific Amazon task and so on?" And it's been so much easier than saying, "Oh, go to Upwork and sift through the hundreds of thousands of people on there that say they have experience and don't or whatever." The nice thing about you guys is its Amazon only, here's where we can help you with your Amazon business. You guys are so into the Amazon network, it's amazing.

I love using you guys, love having your tool and then of course, the Jungle Market came out and we were just like, "This is nuts, these guys are everywhere."

Rolando Galeana:  No, it used to be that it was a separate site that you would go to. We've actually as of the start of this year, we've integrated it into Jungle Scout, the parent company essentially so that as we're going through there, as you're searching for your product, the next step in the process is possibly, hey, I need a photographer or I've never worked on copy before or maybe I could find a copy righter.

Now it's called Jungle Scout Market. So it hasn't changed much but it's Jungle Scout Market and what it is, it's vetted Amazon freelancers that we essentially trust and rely on to help end users outsource whatever they need for their Amazon FBA, business.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah, I mean it was funny when I saw you guys announced it last year. The first thing I thought of was, this is brilliant. Because if you use Jungle Scout correctly, and you really confine the products that are gonna help and start to scale your business, you're gonna need more help. So why not find people who have experience at Amazon. You guys put that out, it was like, oh man, that was good, good move.

Okay, so let's stick to the standard Jungle Scout stuff. So the tool itself, obviously fantastic tool. What are like some of those big things when your sales guys get on a call and they go, "Okay, this is the one thing that you should know about Jungle Scout."

Rolando Galeana:  I would say the most important thing when getting started, are you saying for as a beginning seller, what's most important to me?

Andrew Maff:  Yeah, sure.

Rolando Galeana:  If I just started out.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah, let's do that one.

Rolando Galeana:  It's knowing your numbers. Knowing your numbers and that's where Jungle Scout plays a big role, right? Being able to provide our customers with the data that they need to make an educated decision on a product that they want to source from China. Of course, you could source from anywhere. We've had a lot of success with sourcing products from China. But I would say, it's just going in, knowing your numbers, being able to know what your ROI is going to be so that you could factor in the cost of PPC or the cost of photography, all these different expenses that you're going to have.

So just knowing your numbers and that's essentially the starting point for anyone that's wanting to sell on Amazon.

Andrew Maff:  So we've started to slowly get some questions in. Someone asked, is it worth starting an Amazon business now, which I find to be an interesting question. What is your thoughts on that?

Rolando Galeana:  I think it's probably the best time to get started. As you know, Amazon's just growing by leaps and bounds. It's not going anywhere. So anybody that doesn't understand that, I think that, that's the most vital piece of information is that Amazon is only growing, is creating more opportunities in the private label field. They themselves are entering the private label field but it doesn't affect us as sellers. If anything, it brings validation to what we're doing.

So I think that it's the best time to get started and just in general as a whole if we look at the industry, E-commerce, it's just on the rise. You have baby boomers and even above that, are getting tech savvy and I think that, that's the differentiator is that you're getting people that weren't used to purchasing online or just it's becoming more and more a staple. More people are actually enticed to make purchases online because it's just the convenience.

Andrew Maff:  So actually it's fine, someone just chimed in and I was basically going to say. So they said oversaturated markets scare me so much. How can I create a private label brand with so much competition, which is a fantastic question. I was thinking the same thing. It is a great time to become an Amazon seller, but you have to do it right and you have to brand yourself. 'Cause what we've started to see is like, the really cheap, bad horridly made products that were up on Amazon, that were just bombarding everyone, are slowly just getting knocked off and we're seeing a lot of Amazon coming out with all these new options for branding and great ways to brand your product and to brand this and to brand that.

So I feel like if you really put the time into building your brand, it's a fantastic time to go on Amazon. Now if you just wanna find a random factory in China and throw up a product, I'm like no, it's probably not a good time, it's never gonna be a good time. But otherwise I would say, like it is definitely a good time so I have to agree with that.

Rolando Galeana:  Yeah, those days of just sticking a label on a brand with your name are over. Last year, I talk about how I'm the co-host of Million Dollar Case Study. We coined the term Customer Driven Innovation which essentially is creating that key differentiator of why would I buy your product over the top seller in your category and it's all about just doing that research, searching what reviews, what people hate about the product, and implementing those changes.

So the product that we're launching for the Million Dollar Case Study ... For those that don't know, the Million Dollar Cast Study is a real-time case study that we do. We launch a product in real time and show everything that we do behind the scenes and how we're doing it and so right now, we're at the phase where the product has been sourced and we're just waiting for it to be listed on Amazon. Once that happens, then we're gonna take over the next phase which is PPC and advanced PPC strategies and so on and just build from that.

Andrew Maff:  So obviously I've been keeping an eye on it too. It's a very cool concept. I'm not gonna lie, we sat here and go, "How can we do something just like that?" 'Cause that's awesome. It's almost like if someone live, almost have a live video of them raising their child. It's just like, this is so cool.

Rolando Galeana:  Nice analogy.

Andrew Maff:  Mel attempted something like that a while ago where they walked you through, they made some store and sold a bunch of random stuff and they walked you through all the email stuff they had set-up. I thought that was a cool idea. But what you guys are doing with Amazon, I was like, this is brilliant.

So it's January, so it gets asked, the quintessential question, what do you think is gonna happen in 2019 with Amazon?

Rolando Galeana:  Well definitely Amazon's just going to continue to grow by leaps and bounds. It's going to rely a lot, you touched on it, on brands. I think that, that's the push is having a solid brand. For the person that's just getting started, it's just about launching that first product. But the person that has now multiple products, that's where like a storefront comes in handy, right? The Amazon storefront where you can list your multiple products and you can now drive external traffic to your landing page essentially.

I think that creating automations in that process using Chat bots, that's a very key differentiator. People are starting to use those to build their lists and remarket and retarget and do some more advanced strategies. Like I said, for the person starting out, that's a bit overwhelming. But the person that's already there and that already has products, then that's probably the next step in building a very scalable business.

Andrew Maff:  I had someone mention something a little while ago about them starting to look into different markets and different regions of Amazon and started to, even though a product doesn't do well in the States, it may do well in Mexico or in UK or in Europe or anything like that, which I think is a great comment. How do you guys suggest sellers to start to diversify out of the US or at least out of the country that they started in?

Rolando Galeana:  Yeah, I don't think you take a losing product and scale it out to another country in my opinion. I think you take a winning product. Once you've got a product that's doing really well, and it doesn't hurt to make that move. Then that's the next step in the process, and you want to go the bigger markets, right? Maybe start in the UK and gradually just tackle the bigger markets, because at the end of the day, it's all about the traffic that is generated by Amazon and the buyers, right? The buyers determine if you're gonna have a successful product.

So the bigger the market ... That's why launching in the US is ideal, if a person is able to launch in the US because it is the biggest market and it's a good test ground for a product launch.

Andrew Maff:  It is interesting. We see a lot of obviously sellers starting in the US, but we find that Germany tends to be a great one over in Europe. Obviously UK is great because of the translation, it's simple, so that becomes an issue in Germany. But it is interesting how in Europe, it seems at least to us right now that Germany seems to be a pretty big market.

Rolando Galeana:  I think it's like the fourth biggest economy in the world so definitely Germany is a good country to have your product listed at.

Andrew Maff:  So, Jungle Scout, ton of different features and tools and all the stuff. Like there's a ridiculous amount. Do you have your personal top favorites that you're like, I love using this thing?

Rolando Galeana:  Well I'm not sure if you're familiar with one of our latest launches which is Keyword Scout, we launched it last year and Keyword Scout is by far, it makes keyword research the easiest process possible and we pay a lot of money for accurate data to ensure that everything that we're providing our end users is just the accuracy, right? That they can rely on it.

And so I think Keyword Scout by far is very helpful because, especially when you're launching a product, the most important thing is your keyword research and that your listing is keyword rich and also your images. I think those are the two key components to a successful launch. So Keyword Scout just makes that process easier and then you can take that information and then apply it to your PPC. So it's just twofold, it's just, yeah, Keyword Scout, it's free of charge when you're using the web app so might as well use it.

Andrew Maff:  That's awesome. I love keeping these nice, short and sweet. This was great. We got a ton of questions coming through so obviously we weren't able to get all of 'em. Feel free to continue to send 'em in. We'll have this up on YouTube and our blog and all that stuff so they can send in questions. If I can't answer 'em, of course I'll send them over to you guys.

But I would love it if you give us closing remarks, let everyone know how they can find more out about Jungle Scout.

Rolando Galeana:  I think a good starting point if you've never heard of Jungle Scout is to head over to our website, junglescout.com/mdcs4. We're in our fourth season. I think that's a good starting point. Under the first video, it just kinda gives an introduction of what the opportunity is and then we just go right into it, and we literally, we edit these videos. It's a combination of prerecorded video as well as a live AMA so the information on the prerecorded video is just concise, to the point and that's what you need to launch.

Andrew Maff:  Nice, yeah, I'm gonna second that. If you do anything after this video, it's go check that out and it's fun to watch, 'cause I'm like, aah, you guys, we have that problem too. But look man, appreciate it, thank you so much, enjoy the rest of your Friday. I'm sure I will talk to you soon. Have a good weekend.

Rolando Galeana:  Yeah, absolutely my pleasure. Have a good one.

Andrew Maff:  Thanks buddy, have a good one. 

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