18 Amazon Tools to Help You Manage Your Amazon Business


When it comes to selling on Amazon, it can feel overwhelming. Not only do you have to manage your products and inventory, but you also have to keep a close eye on Buy Box pricing, creating keyword-rich listings and much more. It can be a lot to handle, but the good news is that there are several platforms and tools that can help make your job easier.  In this article, we’ll be reviewing the very best, so that you can sell online with confidence.


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Best Amazon Tools for Keyword Research, Product Sourcing, and Pricing

What if you could have an Amazon tool that helps you find the best keywords to increase your sales and alert you to profitable products and help you sell them for a price that builds your bottom line? Who wouldn’t want to learn more?


The good news is that whether you’re new to the world of selling on Amazon or you’re a veteran with a growing store that needs precise keyword tracking and targeting, there are platforms available to help with every aspect of selling on Amazon.

Veeqo: Inventory, Order, & Shipping Management on Amazon

Veeqo provides a powerful suite of e-commerce tools designed to help your Amazon business create the best experience for your customers everywhere. This service supports sellers by allowing you to view your orders and analyze business performance from all sales channels all in one place. 

Their unique Veeqo Scanner allows both small and large sellers to provide enterprise-level barcode scanner capabilities to their business. Veeqo also directly integrates with the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms and tools (Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce), enabling you to seamlessly connect to your preferred service.

Scope: Keyword Research on Amazon

Scope is an ideal platform for beginning Amazon sellers or those who are just starting to get traction in their e-commerce store. There’s a free option, although it’s limited. The paid version is $32.50 per month. Scope allows you to perform keyword and product research on Amazon by determining which keywords top-selling products are using.


Sonar: Free Browser Extension for Amazon Keyword Research

Sonar is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that pulls keyword research in real-time from Amazon customer search queries. It also maintains a database of keywords that you can refer back to if you need to. Currently, there are over 50 million different keywords in Sonar.


Profit Bandit: Amazon Product Profit Calculator

Profit Bandit is a subscription-based service for Amazon that’s like having a tireless accountant in your pocket -- making sure that you make a profit on every product you sell. With unlimited scanning available on Android and iPhone devices for just $9.99/month, it’s one tool you won’t want to be without when researching the best products to sell on Amazon!


SellerEngine Plus and Helium 10: Advanced Seller Management

If you need more robust, precision-targeted keyword research or even more selling tools, it’s hard to beat SellerEngine Plus or Helium 10. SellerEngine Plus helps you with the management and labeling of your FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) shipments, and can also handle product research for your desired categories. SellerEngine is free to try and then costs $49.95/month.


Helium 10, at $97/month, is the highest priced of the Amazon tools profiled here, but it is also more akin to a platform than just a single tool or plugin that has one specialty. This complete software suite helps manage your Amazon listings from start to finish, including:

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword tracking
  • Product research
  • Product optimization
  • Product launches
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Refund Management
  • And much more


The great thing about many of the Helium 10 products within their software suite is that they can be used outside of the platform. For example, Helium 10’s XRay is an Amazon product research plugin for Google Chrome that lets you get a bird’s eye view of the profit potential of a given product directly from an Amazon page itself.


This gives you the real-time information you need to make an informed decision as to the competitiveness and market profitability of a given product, so you can learn everything you need to choose products with confidence.

Best Amazon Tools for Product Management

Many of the platforms and tools noted above help with product management to some degree, but oftentimes, e-commerce merchants who sell on Amazon don’t just sell on Amazon, but other online marketplaces like eBay and NewEgg too. Many of these tools will sync up with listings across multiple channels, giving you a complete overview of what’s selling, and where.


JoeLister: Sell on Amazon and eBay

JoeLister, at $29/month, allows you to sync up inventory and manage products from Amazon and eBay, including international versions of the highly popular websites. You can try JoeLister for two weeks on any plan, absolutely free.


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BigCommerce and Shopify: Complete E-commerce Platforms

Other services are full-fledged platforms, like BigCommerce and Shopify, and are also priced at $29/month and provide you with a complete suite of tools whether you’re just starting out, or need something more robust to help manage your inventory and products.


Advanced Amazon Seller Tools: Vendio and SellBrite

If you need something beyond what these tools can do, Vendio, at $99/month is a great option for multi-channel product and inventory management. SellBrite, the highest priced option at $183/month is designed for high-volume merchants across multiple channels. It integrates with a wide range of stores and platforms beyond Amazon and eBay and includes Etsy, Walmart, Jet, Newegg, Rakuten and more.


Best Amazon Tools for Managing Shipping and Order Fulfillment

Shipping can quickly turn into a headache if you’re not prepared, but fortunately, there are a wide range of tools to help you not only ship products quickly, but ensure the best possible service from the moment the product leaves until it arrives in the customer’s hands.


You’ll also be glad to know that if you ship under 50 products per month, these top-rated Amazon shipping tools won’t cost you anything! With just a tap, you can compare shipping rates from UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and many more, to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal no matter what you’re shipping.


ShippingEasy, Ordoro, and ShipStation: Best for Startup Amazon Shippers

At a whopping cost of $0, ShippingEasy lives up to its name. Not only does ShippingEasy work with Amazon startups, but multichannel sellers as well. Other products that offer a similar suite of tools for free include Ordoro ($0) and ShipStation ($9/month).


These intuitive platforms allow you to import orders from a variety of shipping channels as well as create shipping labels quickly and professionally. You can also take advantage of deep shipping discounts from major carriers and promote your brand through shipping notification and similar emails.


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Best Amazon Tools for Accounting and Expense Management

Accounting and expense management is another one of the most common “necessary evils” of doing business on Amazon. Although you may already have your own preferred account software, there are some tools that make it easy for you to handle accounting issues within Amazon itself. For example:


Expensify - For Startups and Large Volume Sellers Alike

If you need to track team expenses, or you’re an Amazon seller that doesn’t have a lot of costs, Expensify is a great option. Although the user interface may take some getting used to, once you determine how the workflows work, Expensify can be used to help manage and get reimbursements quickly, easily and efficiently.


Refund Retriever - Get Shipping Refunds

It can be a challenging process to try and get shipping refunds from UPS, FedEx or other carriers, but Refund Retriever makes the process easy. Just go through their step by step process, and you’ll be all set. The good news is that they only take a percentage of the fees you’ve recovered, making them an affordable option for sellers large and small.


Taking Care of Business: Handling Legal and Tax Issues when Selling on Amazon

Amazon has their own legal, tax and insurance tools to help sellers keep accounts in good standing, while Amazon-focused insurance agencies help premium sellers get the necessary commercial insurance. Amazon’s own legal teams can help sellers out with account disputes.


The price for AMZ Liability Insurance and Amazon Sellers’ Lawyers depends on what you need, but outside of Amazon, there are a handful of other services that are well-versed in how Amazon handles such situations and may be worth a look to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases in terms of protecting your business.


For example, it’s a good idea to form an LLC (limited liability company) if you sell on Amazon to help protect your assets should disputes arise. LegalZoom can help you form an LLC for just $149. If you need tax advice for selling on Amazon, Avalara can help ensure that your tax details are unified and compliant. This is especially important when you consider how often rules and regulations can change!


The Bottom Line When it Comes to Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is a great way to not only build a business but also explore new niches and attract new audiences that are already in the mood to buy. The good news is that with tools and platforms like these by your side, everything from finding products to sell on Amazon to managing inventory is made more seamless, hassle-free and easy.


Many of these tools are free or low cost, and several of them offer free trials so you can get a taste of what to expect by using them. This is a great way to determine if the tool is right for your needs and business goals.


By leveraging one or more of these tools, not only can you build an Amazon seller’s empire, but you can grow your business steadily over time with one of the most reputable and popular e-commerce platforms online today!

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