Messenger Marketing vs Email Marketing for Amazon Sellers


As an Amazon seller, you understand the struggle of building customer relationships. Amazon makes it difficult for sellers to win loyalty among customers, so marketing outside of Amazon is a goal of many sellers. By communicating with an audience outside of Amazon, you stand a better chance of keeping them as loyal customers.


Email marketing has been the primary channel for developing these customer relationships off of Amazon. Now Facebook Messenger provides another way to stay in touch with customers. Some even suggest that Messenger marketing & chatbots will make email marketing obsolete.


In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of both email marketing & messenger marketing, in the context of selling on Amazon.


The Power of Messenger

It seems undeniable that marketing communications sent via Messenger chatbots get much higher open rates & click-through rates than email.


"It seems undeniable that marketing communications sent via Messenger chatbots  get much higher open rates & click-through rates than email."  -Click to Tweet-


It is not uncommon for Messenger to get open rates beyond 90%. And consistent open rates of 70-80% is pretty standard. Email, on the other hand, averages 21% open rates. Anything above 40% is extraordinary for email marketing.


Typical click-through rates for Messenger chatbots are between 15% and 60%. This is well beyond the typical email click-through rate of 4-5%.


Why does Messenger get so much higher engagement than email? For one, it delivers messages in a more personalized format. And since chatbots are easier to interact with for customers, it helps marketers collect useful data for delivering useful content and valuable offers.


Messenger also seems to be more spam-proof, with clearer consent. Most people have experienced receiving marketing emails, without subscribing to a list or without understanding the extent of consent given. Because of this, people are quick to unsubscribe from email newsletters or just delete them before reading.


To be fair, Messenger chatbots tend to see very high churn rates. But those who do stay subscribed to your Messenger list are quite active. They likely represent your top customer segment. And the feedback marketers gain from customers interacting with chatbots allows them to continually improve their bots.


messenger on the phone


messenger on the phone

For Amazon sellers, Messenger bots can be used to distribute coupon codes (to rank products quickly), build rebate funnels and ask for Amazon reviews - with more sophistication & less friction than email.


There is a strong case to be made for the power of Messenger marketing going forward. As instant messaging is how most people today prefer to communicate, and it only seems this trend is growing stronger.


Where Email Wins

You might be tempted to ditch email altogether and focus your efforts entirely on Messenger. But hold up - email marketing should not be ignored.


amazon coupon


Older generations prefer email to instant messaging. Consumers 56 and up prefer to read their emails on desktop computers rather than mobile devices. So if you sell to an older crowd, email will likely be a more effective communication medium than Messenger.


Another consideration for the value of email over Messenger, is that not all consumers are even on Facebook / Messenger. But everyone has email. So if you are only focused on Messenger, you will miss out on the people who don’t use Messenger. Your potential reach with email marketing is much wider.


Lastly, emails are easier to share than instant messages. If you are running an Amazon promotion to your email list and want to encourage people to share it with friends, they just have to forward the email. There is more friction involved with sharing content sent through a chatbot.


Final Thoughts: Using Email & Messenger Together for Amazon Success

Whether email marketing or Messenger marketing would be more effective depends on the particular situation of your business. And it’s likely you can use both to most effectively engage with customers.


Email is better for longer form content & marketing to older audiences. Messenger chatbots are better for younger audiences and for quick, interactive engagement.


Email & Messenger can be used in tandem by brands selling on Amazon for an advanced marketing strategy to stay in touch with customers. For example, you can use email for your regular newsletter, delivering content to help make purchase decisions easier. And you can include a link to your chatbot within emails, stressing the unique value of the chatbot to encourage subscribers. The chatbot can be used to send limited time offers, answer questions and collect reviews.


Both email & Messenger provide excellent opportunities for Amazon sellers to take control of their businesses and build deeper customer relationships.

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