The 14 Must-Have Shopify Plugins


With over 1,000 apps in the Shopify App Store, how do you choose which to use on your eCommerce site? You want plugins that will boost your business in the way that your consumers want—and in a way that will be easy for you to manage. So how do you weed through all these apps to find the ones that are right for your store?


You want simplicity, ease of installation, low cost, and expansive functionality. Below, we’ll take a look at our top plugin picks for the following purposes:

  • Marketing (help you market your brand easily and uniquely)
  • Conversion (transform browsers into purchasers)
  • Reach (increase your site’s visibility)
  • Customer Service (provide top-notch service to customers)


For ease of navigation of this guide, underneath each plug-in title, you’ll find a tagline of what that app will help you do.


To Boost Your Marketing…


1. Conversio

Find it here:


Receipt Marketing and Touch-Point Marketing


Conversio is an automated marketing platform that has proven, tangible results with over 600 5-star reviews. Simply put, it allows you to customize what your email receipts look like. Once you get a purchase, you have a customer. But you want a client. Conversio works to “supercharge” the customer’s purchase in a way that will convert a one-time buyer into a lifetime regular.


Conversio helps you customize your receipt in a way that will make your customer come back for more. You can personalize it to your brand and incentivize future purchases. You can include discounts and free shipping codes, or you can incentivize with a refer-a-friend program. This expands your reach with a long-term up selling marketing strategy.


If you’re not convinced of the power of the receipt… Conversio’s receipt emails are opened at a rate of 70.9%, while MailChimp and other emails are only opened 17.19% of the time. The average time spent looking at a receipt is 14.8 seconds compared to the average email’s 8 seconds. Those additional 6.8 seconds can boost engagement by almost three times. In fact, receipt incentivizing is so strong that for every Conversio sent, the seller makes an average of $0.25 revenue. (Find the facts here.)


In addition, Conversio can work as an all-in-one marketing dashboard. It can control other email marketing campaigns, like newsletters, follow-ups, and abandoned cart emails. It also offers on-site widgets like product recommendations, product reviews, customer feedback, and a supercharged search bar. Conversio is all of your touch-point marketing on a single platform.


Best yet, it’s free. They offer Premium tools if you want more out of your Conversio experience, though.


The 14 Must-Have Shopify Plugins email marketing strategy


2. MailChimp

Find it here:


Email Marketing


You can integrate your MailChimp account with Shopify to promote your store through automated email marketing. It will target different email campaigns based on buying behavior using segmentation tools that deliver personalized content to each consumer. Campaigns include abandoned cart, win-back, post-purchase, Facebook ads, and more. MailChimp is an extensive system that can be used and integrated on several different eCommerce platforms, so it’s worth looking into.


3. Klaviyo

Find it here:


Email Marketing


Klaviyo functions in a similar way as MailChimp in that it sends automated marketing email campaigns. It offers beautifully customizable templates that you can personalize for higher engagement and conversion. The best part is that it has built-in email flows, so you don’t need to spend time creating your own campaigns. You simply turn on the email flows you want, and it will automatically send out a series of emails, like welcome letters, order follow-ups, abandoned carts, newsletters, product recommendations, and more. Klaviyo also tracks all sales, impressions, and clicks that come through the emails, so you can easily measure ROI.


The 14 Must-Have Shopify Plugins tablet promotion ad coffee


4. Bulk Discounts

Find it here:


Promotional Marketing


Shopify helps you generate discount codes, but Bulk Discounts puts an emphasis on creating and implementing discount codes as a marketing tactic. Think of Bulk Discounts as similar to the Today’s Deals on Amazon.


In fact, 70% of people use coupons or discounts that they get in their email, according to Shopify research. There are endless ways to use discounts to attract, convert, and bring back customers such as word-of-mouth marketing by creating a friends and family discount code; social media discounts; the upselling strategy with discounts if they buy over a certain amount; thanking recent customers with a discount off next purchase.


In just a few clicks, you can generate thousands of single use, limited use, or unlimited discount codes. You can import discount codes from Groupon and Living Social, and you can even create custom prefixes (like SUMMER10). Additionally, Bulk Discounts will keep track of unused discounts and create a calculative conversion rate of discount sets to help analyze how the campaign is trending.


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5. Better Coupon Box

Find it here:


Direct Marketing


Similar to Bulk Discounts, this free plugin is based on discount marketing. However, it focuses on converting new consumers—ones that are entering your store for the first time—with welcome coupon codes, email subscription incentives, social media followings, and more. Better Coupon Box allows you to design unique intro and exit pop-ups for better conversion rates.


A similar plugin is Pop-Up Window, which is $5.95 per month with slightly more customization options.


To Improve Your Conversion…


6. Yotpo Reviews

Find it here:


Product Reviews and UGC


Yotpo is the highest rated Shopify app—and for a good reason. It helps boost customer trust and brand credibility through social curation of user-generated content (UGC), like reviews, Q&A, and photos. According to the Local Consumer Review Survey, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 58% say the star rating of a business is the most important factor in the purchase decision. Additionally, Econsultancy found that 63% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site with a high number of user reviews.


In the same way that star ratings improve your Amazon optimization, they also improve your overall conversion rate and search engine analytics. Product and brand reviews are crucial to SEO by providing unique content, improved rankings, and long-tail targeting.


Yotpo first works to generate UGC. They automatically e-mail consumers asking for feedback. The consumer can reply with their review directly in the email, which makes giving feedback simple and easy. Yotpo then takes this feedback and condenses it on relevant product posts on your Shopify site and other platforms like Google Seller Ratings, Product Listing ads, and social media sites. 54% of people will visit a website if they read positive reviews on another platform, so this again boosts your reach.


The simplicity of leaving a review with Yotpo increases the number of reviews you’ll receive, which in turn boosts your conversion rate and sales. Furthermore, a consumer leaving a review is more engaged with the brand, so they’re more likely to keep you top of mind for their next purchase. Then, if you still need more reviews, Yotpo will help you come up with an incentivizing campaign.


By the way, don’t fear bad reviews. Consumers trust reviews when there are both good and bad stars—because it seems more credible. Of course, too many bad reviews will harm you and should be a cause for brand reevaluation.


7. Free Shipping Bar

Find it here:


Up-Sell Marketing 


Free Shipping Bar has over 3000 5-stars because it’s easy to use…and it works. A customized targeted free shipping bar (“Get Free Shipping At $100!”) can increase your average order value. It presents an offer for free shipping if spend over a certain limit.


Everyone loves free shipping so they will keep adding to their cart until they’ve reached the spend threshold to get free shipping. FSB will push progressive messages as users add more items to their shopping carts and then congratulate customers when they reach free shipping status. These bars are geo-targeted as well as customizable, and you can even put emojis in them!


8. Sales Pop

Find it here:


Social Proof


Sales Pop is one of the most popular Shopify apps because it provides social proof of your branding. It will show a pop up on the bottom of the screen when a customer recently purchased a product of yours. This boosts buyer confidence and influences purchasing power; it validates the potential customer’s interest in that product and instills a sense of urgency. Sales Pop also has a customizable design and is mobile responsive… plus it’s free!


To Expand Your Reach…


9. Facebook Store

Find it here:


Social Sales


The Facebook Store plugin allows you to sell your Shopify-listed products directly on Facebook. It adds a “Shop” tab to your Business page and allows consumers to purchase the product without even leaving Facebook. The plugin will pull your Facebook sales to the Shopify platform to keep you organized and streamlined. Not only does this bring your products to new eyes, but customers can also share their products with friends and family, which further increases your reach and visibility.


The 14 Must-Have Shopify Plugins facebook logo thumbs up


10. Social Media Stream

Find it here:


Social Sales


Social Media Stream helps you gain social followers through your Shopify account. This creates brand loyalty and repeat customers by encouraging them to interact with your brand on a daily basis. The more you’re in front of your consumers, the more sales you’ll get and the wider your reach will be.


To Amplify Customer Service…


11. Tidlio Live Chat

Find it here:


Customer Support


Econsultancy found that consumers prefer live chat for support, and the satisfaction levels of live chat are at a whopping 73% over 61% for email and 44% for phone. This is because live chats allow for clear, fast, and efficient support.


Tidlio live chat connects your online platform with an app on your phone. It will alert you immediately when a customer is trying to connect via live chat. You can then quickly answer any question right from your phone. This plugin will show your consumers that you care about their experience, and it will help prevent lost sales and negative customer satisfaction.


12. Personalized Recommendation

Find it here:


Product Engagement


This plugin uses targeted buying behaviors to offer consumers more purchasing options. There are five types of widgets: Customers who bought this item also bought; best sellers; recently viewed, and recommendation based on the cart. This works to upsell and cross-sell while also providing your consumer with “handpicked” advice, which can boost engagement and satisfaction. Note that Personalized Recommendation charges 4% of the sales they generate for you.


The 14 Must-Have Shopify Plugins aftership package tracking mobile phone


13. Aftership

Find it here:


Package Tracking


Consumers like to know exactly when they are getting their package. With AfterShip, your consumers can track their packages on your business’ branded tracking page. Aftership is free below 100 shipments per month. The Premium package also sends an email or SMS with delivery notifications, which helps engage with customers after the sale. AfterShip is one of the most robust Shopify plugins with over 35,000 users and support of top carriers in 380+ states.


14. Persistent Cart

Find it here:


Shopping Services


Persistent Cart holds on to a user’s shopping cart so they can return later (even on a different computer) to find the same items waiting for them. This reduces abandoned cart rates and reduces the frustration of having to rebuild a cart after logging out of their account.


The Bottom Line

Bonuses: For a boost in SEO, try Plug In SEO and Alt Text.


If you’re a Shopify seller, you want to equip yourself with the best plugins to make your site flawlessly functional for your consumers. Optimize your marketing, conversion, reach, and customer service with top-notch applications!


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