How One-Day Shipping is Shaking Up Amazon’s Closest Competitors


Amazon is known for its fast delivery window, previously leading the charge with free 2-day shipping for all Prime members. Now, Amazon is one-upping themselves and rolling out the carpet for their one-day delivery service.


Amazon is now offering guaranteed one-day delivery to qualified Prime customers who spend $35.00 or more on a purchase.


The online retail giant announced its one-day shipping plans earlier this year and has now taken the next step in implementing that plan in cities across the US. Amazon reportedly set aside 800 million dollars in revenue to pull off this latest example of logistical marketing genius.


Since the big announcement, Amazon shares rose by one percent while Walmart and Target shares both fell by more than a few percentage points.


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What’s Included?

Amazon Prime members now get free same-day delivery on qualifying orders in active coverage areas. The program initially required a minimum order of $35.00 or higher; however, it appears that Amazon has rolled out this new speedy shipping option for customers regardless of the purchase minimum. As for the timeline, orders placed will be expected to arrive by 9 pm the following business day.


So far, the one-day free shipping option is being rolled out for specific products and customers in undisclosed regions. You’ll know that your Prime account is eligible for the one-day shipping option when you see it available for selection on the “shipping” page during checkout.


Amazon has advised that the program is still being implemented in shifts, so just because you don’t have the option showing up for you on your Prime account today, doesn’t mean that it won’t be available in your area soon.


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Other Shipping Options

Customers who are already benefiting from Amazon’s free shipping are reporting high levels of satisfaction and have taken to social media to show it.


This massive online retailer is pulling out all the stops when it comes to keeping its competitors on their toes. Believe it or not, Amazon has an even faster shipping option than one-day shipping!


There are lesser known options like Amazon in-car delivery and even in-home delivery options available for Amazon Prime members.


Take a look at this list of some of the other delivery options that Amazon Prime members have access to.


Other Speedy Shipping Options Include:

  • Free Two Day Shipping
  • Free Same Day Delivery
  • Free Two Hour Delivery - Daily Essentials and Groceries in selected regions


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Lesser Known (Even Faster) Amazon Prime Delivery Services  


Yes. You read that right.


An Amazon associate will drop your packages off for you in your registered car or inside of your home to save you time! This benefit is available for qualified prime members in selected areas and must be selected as the desired shipping option at the time of checkout.


When it comes to convenience, Amazon pretty much has you covered. The savvy online retailer is placing itself in a position to execute a virtual checkmate on its competitors if they don’t step up their logistical game.


Click here to learn more about the lightning fast shipping services that Amazon has to offer for Prime Members.


Now that we’ve discussed what Amazon has to offer, let’s take a look at what it’s closest competitors are doing to close the logistical gap.

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