Q4 Prep Webinar Series: Amazon Listing Roast


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In this webinar, our very own Director of Marketing and Operations, Andrew Maff and Content Coordinator, Morgan Gibbons roasted Amazon listings sent in by all of you. They covered, the Do's and Don'ts of product pages and imagery, how to optimize your listings for Q4 and much more! Listen in as they talk all about Amazon listing optimization.













Andrew Maff:               So, welcome to the Q4 Prep Listing Roast. The reason we call it a Q4 Prep, and although it's only July, is because nine times out of ten no one actually starts prepping for Q4 until Q4, and that's stupid. So, we always suggest to start prepping in July, which is why we call it around here, "Christmas in July" so we start to prepare as best we can. For some of you, that means optimizing your listings, so we wanted to touch on that today.

Of course, Amazon has gone through, per usual Amazon ways, I would say, countless amounts of changes in the past seven months, year, this year but a little bit about us. So we're both from Seller's Choice. My name is Andrew Maffettone, I am the director in operations here at Seller's Choice. I've been in ecommerce marketing for well over a decade at this point. I handle all the strategy and I get to play fun webinars like this.

Morgan Gibbons:          That's it. I'm Morgan. I'm actually relatively new to the Seller's Choice team, but I function as primarily a copywriter and also the content coordinator here. So I basically get to decide what is good and what is trash, which is why I am also present on this webinar today.

Andrew Maff:               Morgan is our queen of the English language, so she's here to batter your grammar and I'm going to touch on some of the strategy stuff. So like I said, we're going to fly through these slides because A, they're boring because no one likes to look at slides, but I just want to get the basis down.

I'll make it super quick, so if we're going too fast for you, keep in mind I am going to send everyone the slides, at the end of this I will also put them up on SlideShare so you can get them there. So feel free to ignore half the stuff that we're going to go through, or pay attention but you don't need to write anything down.

So you're in the right place if you are obviously an Amazon Seller, which I'm going to launch a poll and just make sure all of you are in fact Amazon Sellers. So go ahead, let's make sure that everyone here is an Amazon Seller and if you are not, I would love to know that you're here because I think that would be cool to have people here who are not Amazon Sellers and are looking to do things right from the beginning.

So I did launch a poll, if you guys see it let me know. Yeah, it's the only thing you can see on your screen so you can't see my text from my wife, that's great. 27% of you are not sellers right now. I'm still going to let this go for a minute. I feel like 30 seconds is enough. If you didn't answer it yet, that's on you. So 25%, wow. A quarter of you are not Amazon sellers, so that's interesting.

So welcome. We're going to show you what not to do, but in the beginning here in the slides, we are going to go through what to do, and of course if you're here you're awesome. Thank you for joining us, this is going to be fun. For those of you who have just now tuned in, I realize I'm talking a mile a minute, I just want to get to the fun stuff so I'm going to hammer through this but send questions.

Feel free to ask anything that you want throughout the entire time. We are looking to chat. We will try to work with everyone throughout this whole thing, especially if we get to your listing and I offend you, please do not chat, I don't care. So let's improve the listings. All right. Do you want to touch on some?

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. Sure.

Andrew Maff:               So it's not just me the whole time.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. You got it. so pretty much what we're going to go over is the structure of a general listing, how to properly function with titles, bullet points and product descriptions. We will go over general content strategies that you can take away from this, as well as proper imagery techniques that we find most effective. Also we will do best and worst examples of different techniques, as well as targeting correct audience members.

Andrew Maff:               Beautiful. Most of this stuff we will touch on, is going to be front-end listing, just because that's all we're going to be able to see, especially when we do the roasting. But here on the side we'll try to touch on some of the back-end stuff as well, but first stop is structure so variations are key.

There was a long time where people believed I want to make everything a parent ASIN and that is just not the case. You want the consumer to have options. Think of this, my favorite analogy is think about in this case, this seller. Let's assume he has a brick-and-mortar store that sells Harvard Crimson T-shirts and it turns out that you're a Georgetown fan. You then have to leave his store and go across the street and pass multiple competitors to buy that Georgetown shirt.

If you variate it's like having everything in one place, so you want to give the consumer options, you don't want them to leave your listings. You want to get as many variations, color variations, size variations all in one place. It is not a real estate game, so don't do the parent ASIN thing, it doesn't work. Everyone worries about, the new complaint I heard was if you merge them, so the reviews don't merge anymore, they used to which was an awesome little hack, but they stopped doing that but you don't lose reviews either.

So each child ASIN is still treated like a parent. They still have their own reviews, they still rank for themselves. You'll still show up multiple times if you happen to search something, so it's not a real estate game, vary it as much as you can. Title. This is more copy, do you want this one?

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. Absolutely. So we try to keep it as simple as possible. You want someone to be able to look at your title and understand exactly what you're selling, no questions asked, no extra fluff. So we recommend you keep it, focus on the first 50 characters. Anything more than that is a waste of time and space.

Use adjectives because often times when people are searching for products, they will search adjective and then a noun. So it might be red shirts, or we might want gourmet peanut assortments in this particular instance. Always make sure that you have some sort of main keyword. That's the whole objective of branding, you want your product to be in the title.

Andrew Maff:               Dont's. Keyword stuffing. I'm going to say it's not Thanksgiving, stop stuffing everything. Shoving keywords in there, saying stuff that's irrelevant, which by the way when we get to the roast part of this, there's so much of this. Stop doing it, titles short and straight to the point. It is a title, it is not a paragraph. Just say what the product is and move on. So titles again like I mentioned, stop with overdoing it, adding way too much in there, keyword stuffing, et cetera.

Bullet points, relatively same stuff. So again once we get into the roasting part, emojis, capital letters and paragraphs for bullet points. Stop, just stop doing those. No one's reading that, so we're going to get into it and it's going to get mean but deal with it. Yeah. That's basically what I talked about, so we'll get to that. You want this one?

Morgan Gibbons:          Sure. So product descriptions, one, you should have EBC first off. I think it's a better way to engage with your consumers, but if you are not a registered brand and instead you have a product description, essentially you want to address any extras and added benefits of your product itself.

Make sure that you have consumer-centric language, I cannot stress this enough. You want the person reading what you are writing, to fully understand what you're saying. Nobody cares about the extra words that make sense to you or a manufacturer. Make it simple, keep it to the point and bullet points are much easier to read than heavy text, so any time you can keep it short, do so.

Andrew Maff:               The average consumer is not dumb, they're lazy, so you want to go quick, straight to the point and make it super simple for them to understand, otherwise they're going to get bored with it and they're going to move on.

Product description, I want to do this. HTML's against Amazon's TOS. There's a couple things you can still get away with, as you saw in the previous example. Try to keep it to one line of copy and then break it up a little bit, instead of one giant paragraph like this, who I found. Yeah. Everything else was touched on.

Imagery, high definition, lifestyle images, call outs, infographics, size charts, make sure it's mobile friendly. Most, don't quote me on this but I think most people now on Amazon either shop on mobile or start their shopping process on mobile, and then they go over to desktop. So if you can't read it on mobile in an image, it's pointless. So make sure you're quick, straight to the point, bold, big letters and big copy if you're doing anything along call outs or size charts or infographics.

What not to do is a ton of copy like I just said, really bad images that you can't zoom in and Morgan's favorite, poor grammar.

Morgan Gibbons:          That really drives me up the wall. I specifically will not buy a product if there is even one spelling mistake in it. I want the same care and attention of your product, to go into the way that you represent it in your imagery as well.

Andrew Maff:               Louis, I saw your question. You can submit ASINs. We have some that were pre-sent but if you guys want to send more here, as we go through some of this stuff when we start to do the actual roast here and we have some time, I'll definitely get to more.

So Enhanced Brand Content is a big one. This one is to me at this point it's common sense, it's like not having a website back 10 years ago. You just have to have this, so really the reason behind this is like I said earlier, the average consumer is lazy, so they usually just someone gets to an Amazon listing. They glance the title to make sure that is the product they want, then they look at the picture, they open up the pictures and they just siphon through the pictures.

They breeze over the bullet points to catch any keywords that might catch their interest, and then they go down to see what everyone else said, so they go to reviews. The Enhanced Brand Content catches their eye prior to this, so you want it to be big and bold and you want it to be all branded and pretty and you want to have a professional presentation, because you want the product to seem legitimate.

Otherwise it's going to look like crap. People are going to read the reviews and they're going to go back up and then they may leave. If you have negative reviews you can actually address some of those things in the Enhanced Brand Content where you can actually say ... If a lot of complaints were the product wasn't as hard as it claimed to be. You can say, "It's this hard so you can actually walk through and then people will actually not justify the reviews that were sent." That make sense?

Morgan Gibbons:          Yes.

Andrew Maff:               I think I got that out. It took a weird way to that, but you get it.

Morgan Gibbons:          You did your best.

Andrew Maff:               Poor driver's back. This one it's like the same as the product images. Don't have bad images with bad copy, it's so crazy.

Morgan Gibbons:          It's a general rule to be smart.

Andrew Maff:               Invest the time into making sure that the imagery and the copy is accurate and short and to the point. I know way to many sellers who get way too focused on I want to flip this word and I want to do this and I want to do that. That stuff, it's not going to make a massive conversion difference. The only thing that will make a conversion difference is if you're saying something that the product is not, otherwise that's it, right? Do you agree with that?

Morgan Gibbons:          I agree with it.

Andrew Maff:               Sure.

Morgan Gibbons:          I agree.

Andrew Maff:               So the fun part. All right so you guys ready for this? Okay, so we got a lot more said to us than I thought we were going to, so we're going to go through these one by one. We're going to give some love obviously to whoever sent it over, but we will just say your first name. We will not say your last name in case someone hunts you down and does something. I don't know what they would do but just to be safe.

Okay, so we're going to start off, I think I put these in order. We'll start here. This one is our favorite. Okay, so who sent this?

Morgan Gibbons:          This is specifically from Joseph.

Andrew Maff:               I don't know if I have these in order, so yeah okay it is. Cool. So yeah, this one is from Joseph. Joseph appreciate you sending this. So first glance not bad. The title is long, it is unnecessarily long. Move this over real quick. So ensures your dog is snug and comfortable is probably not necessary. I don't think any of those are keywords that you may be actually getting ranked for, if they are you could put them in the bullet points but I personally believe that title is way too long.

Morgan Gibbons:          I absolutely agree. Something else that I do like that they did well, right underneath the title is their variations. So I like that I immediately have the option to shop different colors. I know that I would put maybe a harness on my cat and I would definitely want to be pink. But I also have the size options there too, so it's good that they all live in the same listing.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. So capital letters, hate these, stop doing these. It looks like you're yelling at me. It looks like you're trying to break stuff up and then it makes it difficult to read, especially when you have this many because now you even have it in the bullet points. It doesn't do anything, it doesn't make anything more, I think if anything I think it might give people anxiety.

So there's a lot of stuff about this listing that we realized that we want to get into. It turns out that someone in our office happened to buy this product, I think it was two or three weeks ago, and then we just happened to get this submitted to us so it was hilarious and we want to discuss it. We now know as customers that the size chart is inaccurate. So she has a dog very similar to the small sized dog here and the small did not fit the dog, it was way too small.

So I think the size chart may be off and I think I know why and we're going to get there, but the rest of these, I like these. I like that picture. I like that picture, that made sense. This it's a size chart and again you could probably brand it a little bit more. It looks like you pulled this off Photoshop or something or the Internet somewhere. This is cute, I like that.

Morgan Gibbons:          It's looks a little bit like a Ninja Turtle mask.

Andrew Maff:               It does look like a Ninja Turtle mask and that I get. I don't like that there's no call outs, there's no infographics on why it's soft, maybe what it's made of. Obviously there's almost like protective padding. It looks like a crab. Protective padding.

Morgan Gibbons:          We're going to roast Andrew on what he's saying.

Andrew Maff:               I want some reference behind that. What is that? Is it squishy? Is it not squishy? Is that just the design? So that's something that I think I would add to this. Nothing that we mentioned here though I think would have a major, major impact. We'll try to bring that up as we go along here on what I think is low hanging fruit for you guys, but in this case those are things I would change and you may see a good size increase, but I don't think it's going to be a game changer. However we're going to get into Enhanced Brand Content, so-

Morgan Gibbons:          We love that there is an EBC.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. This is one of a few ASINS we got that actually had Enhanced Brand Content in it, which blows my mind. So we'll talk about Enhanced Brand Content towards the end here, because apparently you guys need help with EBC, so we'll talk.

Okay, so here's what's going on here. One, way too much copy on the top. My designers damn near quit their job when they saw four different fonts within the top fold. So it threw them all off, they got all cranky about it so it was like all right. And then this size chart's the exact same thing from before.

So we think the mobile side of things where I worry that these images, although they're adorable, are too small. Especially even on a mobile you're not going to be able to see that. Even on a desktop they're hard to, I'd have to move in a little bit to see this. So this is where it gets good.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. Hopefully we can all see this screen in full. So maybe just take 30 seconds, just absorb this a little bit and let us know maybe what your favorite dog breed is that you see on this size chart.

Andrew Maff:               So we are an office of children apparently. We are extremely immature, but we found this to be hilarious. So there's not a lot of branding to this, there's not a lot of imagery. It's Enhanced Brand Content and I feel like there's no branding to this, but I do understand the need for having a size chart and being a little bit more specific.

However if you dig a little bit deeper there's some really nit-picky things of okay, three and a half LB and then three and a half pound and then four pound puppy, like any puppy? So my dog is a Golden Retriever straight out of the womb it wouldn't have fit, and then this thing would fit for a week. So I'll get that, I'll give you that and then there's some other stuff.

So up here we have an extra small. It's a six pound Maltese but the small happens to fit a smaller Maltese, which is interesting and I don't know how that works. Then there is a five month old mini dachshund but it doesn't matter the size. So I'm very confused by this size chart. Now then there's-

Morgan Gibbons:          Oh we also-

Andrew Maff:               Do you want this one?

Morgan Gibbons:          No, I'll let you take this one, but I do also want to point out that a medium can fit a 151B Heeler puppy, that is a giant yike.

Andrew Maff:               So if anyone ever wanted proof that Enhanced Brand Content is not indexed, under small there's also a 10 pound porn. So obviously you can't get away with that on Amazon and we looked closely, you zoom in and it's an R and an N. It is not a palm which I believe would be a Pomeranian, it is a 10 pound porn, in which case clearly not indexed because that would have gotten flagged immediately. So extreme amount of odd grammar and just typos in this one section.

 So as I start to dig in, I would feel like, as an average consumer I would go in here I'd go, "They clearly don't care enough about their Enhanced Brand Content, then I'm also going to assume they don't care about their product either." So our assumption internally was that the person who bought this inhouse, probably read something down here. Saw the six pound Maltese and it ended up being too small or however that happened, I can't remember how we worked that out, but a lot of errors here. This one was super fun to do. Thank you for submitting it.

Morgan Gibbons:          And we do not recommend you put 10 pounds of porn in this harness either.

Andrew Maff:               No, 10 pounds of porn is a lot of porn, but I told you it's a roast. All right, so thank you, we're going to move onto the next one. All right so this one, so here's the issue with this one. So right off the bat I couldn't tell, are you selling three different ... ? If I buy this, do I get three different products, and so in the beginning it was a little bit confusing. As we started to play with it I realized how this actually worked. Once we started to dig in here, the title seemed okay. I don't think we really had anything with a title on this one.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. We don't super recommend that you use those big line breakers throughout the course of it. Also you can, especially when you have a listing like this, change the title per variation, which we would recommend. As opposed to listing them all in a single go, especially if you are selling them separately.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. 'The new standard in chalk' is probably unnecessary to have in there. You're already using the word 'chalk' and the 'new standard in' is not being indexed for you guys. So I would say you have the ability to remove that. Again, same concept here, stop with the paragraphs for bullet points, stop with the title case, it's just unnecessary.

The imagery's not bad, it's good. This looks like coke. You guys are selling coke and unicorn dust does in fact sound like ... I'm originally from Florida and I swear this was a thing, so I would love more of it's a climbing chalk. This first picture should have been, I remember this now.

Morgan Gibbons:          The one with his hands.

Andrew Maff:               This one. It should have been this one with a call out that says, "This could have been the new standard in chalk." This would have been a good picture to have that or with a call out or this icon thing. Gee, I'm drawing a huge blank here. This cool, I get it but it's just your logo. That it seems unnecessary, it seems like you just wanted to throw another picture in here.

Morgan Gibbons:          I think a lifestyle image there would definitely be beneficial, so is this best for regular rock climbing gyms? Is this something that you can also use as a gymnast? Something to that effect where you can really see it in action.

Andrew Maff:               Or working out. Those guys use that stuff too, and no EBC. So I'm not even going to bother commenting on product descriptions because A, they're always too long. B, no consumer is reading them. C, you should have Enhanced Brand Content. So go get Enhanced Brand Content, [inaudible 00:21:13]. Fireproof Documents Bags. Who was that by the way?

Morgan Gibbons:          That was from Kia.

Andrew Maff:               I think that was Kia. Are we sure? I can't remember if put these in order or not. All right thanks Kia. This one is from Andre? Correct?

Morgan Gibbons:          Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew Maff:               All right cool. So Fireproof Documents Bag. What a novel of a title. It's a product, it's not an Emo song from Panic! at the Disco 15 years ago, it is a product. Just say the title, call it a day. It's amazing how many people are afraid to minimize the title, because they think that they're going to take away from keywords. What's the order, is it title, search terms, bullet points, product description in order of how it's-

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah.

Andrew Maff:               Is that right?

Morgan Gibbons:          Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Andrew Maff:               Yes, your title is important but your title also has to be consumer friendly. Focus more on the search time side in the back end.

Morgan Gibbons:          And your first bullet point. Honestly if a consumer is going to read anything at the end of the day, it will be your first bullet point. So even having that in there and also including it as text call outs you're taking so much of that off of the title.

Andrew Maff:               Stop trying to fight the algorithm and start trying to win the consumer. Worry about that and the algorithm will help you along the way. The biggest thing that Amazon looks at for their KPIs is their conversion rate.

So if you have a high conversion rate and you're having sell through, they're going to show you more and more for anything that you're trying to show for, not stuff that you're just throwing into your title or again these novel bullet points with emojis that looks like my ex-girlfriend just texted me. Emojis in products comes off kitschy, is the right word. I just don't like them plus as far as I know they're actually against terms of service but they don't get flagged.

Morgan Gibbons:          Correct.

Andrew Maff:               So in theory you could potentially be getting suppressed or something here.

Morgan Gibbons:          Any secondary characters.

Andrew Maff:               That's good, I like this. This one, we couldn't tell what's going on here.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. So check marks, maybe arrows. It looks like somebody did this with their seven year old in Illustrator. I would maybe go for something more sleek in approach. Also that green text over the actual item itself is a little bit difficult to see. So definitely narrowing it down for readability and picking different fonts, please different arrows.

Andrew Maff:               Different arrows. This one got to me because, so I understand the difficulty in finding stock imagery. However I don't think a fireproof page is being used for a business contract, and then you're bringing it to the office. I think it's meant for birth certificates of social security cards and you hide it in your house, so if your house catches on fire you're fine.

This was interesting. I feel like we could have got a better stock photo out of this, but you found one, you have one. It's technically a lifestyle image, I'll give you half credit. This was all right, this I was okay with.

Morgan Gibbons:          I'm still unsure as to what the pocket is for, that little piece on the inside.

Andrew Maff:               Just to add value.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. I would definitely lose the added value pocket.

Andrew Maff:               Added value pocket.

Morgan Gibbons:          I would definitely like a little more clarification, especially the image call outs because I'm not reasonable at [inaudible 00:24:37].

Andrew Maff:               This one was a little too big for me or a little too much. It was very eccentric, it was just over the top with a lot of stuff. The thing that I found comical about this was that none of those are documents, and yet it says, "Fireproof Document Bag."

Morgan Gibbons:          Well we have our [inaudible 00:24:53].

Andrew Maff:               This looks great. I love metal albums, so this is cool but actually I'm okay with this. This makes sense, I get it. It's waterproof, it's fireproof, I get that. I know what we missed, you misspelled your own brand name, so your brand new is I think it's the Phoenix but it's the Phoen-X and you missed your dash, so don't miss your dash.

Yeah. You had Enhanced Brand Content. This okay, always put your logo at the top there. It's an Enhanced Brand Content, it's meant to enhance your brand. I get that, that works, I'm all for that. Please for the love of God stop putting paragraphs after your logo because you immediately start to go, "Oh here comes pictures." And you go, "Ah words."

Morgan Gibbons:          It's like when you hand a kid their first chapter book and they're immensely disappointed.

Andrew Maff:               This one.

Morgan Gibbons:          It gets me every time.

Andrew Maff:               This one's hilarious. I looked at this and I go, "Okay, it's a family going on vacation. Is their house going to catch on fire? What's happening here?" It took me all day to find out that at the far bottom right is actually the girl holding the product. We didn't know she was holding the product, so let's focus a little bit more on the product because you're not enhancing the brand here and you're not enhancing the product, you're just enhancing this family.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yes, your images should not be a where's Waldo page, right? You want to be able to fully and clearly see what you're trying to sell as.

Andrew Maff:               Same with these, just too much copy. No one is reading this and Enhanced Brand Content is not indexed, so it's not helping you in any way. If anything it's only hurting you, so stop with the excessive amounts of coy in Enhanced Brand Content.

This was hilarious, your product's not even in it. I don't know what this has to do with your product. I know you can take your valuable anywhere but I don't think I'm taking that. There's one small fire, I highly doubt just keep your documents away from it.

Morgan Gibbons:          You accidentally throw your passport onto a bonfire. That's what this was for.

Andrew Maff:               This one I thought, okay now I'm on a yoga page, so this person is now selling me yoga stuff. Come on. It's a roast and I'm sorry but what's happening here? What is she thinking about, the fire that's set on her house, so the document thing should help? Is what we'll find out, but brownie points for having Enhanced Brand Content. Not everyone has it.

Next one. This one. Okay. So this is a good example of some of the ... This is Kaitlyn who send us this. So this is a good example of some of the products where they're actually not, from what we can tell they're not doing too bad, 543 reviews with average four stars it looks like. I think it's probably four, maybe it's four point one. Okay, so I'm with you, you have it there.

What we can do to improve this, so the bullet points are on the short end, I would elongate them a little bit but I really do appreciate the limit to them. As a consumer I will actually read that and you're clearly still be indexed. So for all of you had paragraphs for bullet points, use this as an example. It's a little bit too short but it's right there.

Morgan Gibbons:          They also do well with including all of their variations on it, and I think the images keep it pretty clear as to what the actual print on the fancy long ribbon will be.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. Pictures are good. I would love some call outs, some infographics. So what we learned later on as we start to dig through this, is that this is not something you pull up over your leg, you actually lace it.

Morgan Gibbons:          I believe it's a garter, right? I think it starts as a garter and then you lace it around your leg? That's something that I would like maybe some clarification on. I don't wear this every day shockingly enough.

Andrew Maff:               We'll get to the Enhanced Brand Content side, but that would be something I would want in the imagery in case I chose not to scroll down. Not everyone scrolls down, so we will in fact scroll down.

Morgan Gibbons:          I believe in their original images, they also had a gif, right?

Andrew Maff:               Yes. I like this.

Morgan Gibbons:          It doesn't look like it's there anymore.

Andrew Maff:               Oh no. They had one.

Morgan Gibbons:          Actually when we first looked at this-

Andrew Maff:               All right. You had one the other day when we first looked at this.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. Actually I really loved that that was there. I thought it was a little bit different and definitely would fit well with a younger generation. It was like a boomerang where it was an up and down quick shot, so I thought that that was really cool.

Andrew Maff:               Love lifestyle images. This all works for me. This I would probably put into the image somewhere and break up the text. This is where we went, "Oh, you have to actually do it yourself" in which case I would absolutely want a how-to almost, how simple it is. At first it was like, "Oh this is kind of cool." And then I'm like, "That looks like that would be a nightmare to put on and to try to figure out, it's like an Ikea for your leg."

Morgan Gibbons:          [inaudible 00:29:48].

Andrew Maff:               But I like these images, these work, that's interesting gets the point, lifestyle I'm all about that so not bad.

Morgan Gibbons:          I think it definitely images the intended audience that it's going for.

Andrew Maff:               This gets tolerable. This one, so this was sent by Morris. Okay, so what have we got here? So this one oddly enough, too short of a title now. It's a headphone, right?

Morgan Gibbons:          I would assume as much from the image.

Andrew Maff:               It's a headphone. The word headphone is not in the title. That would be pretty obviously. I get it's an in-ear headphone, but you also did an in-ear/aluminum so it's like who's searching in-ear aluminum because no one wants to shove aluminum in their ear if they're searching in-ear headphone.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. It seems like a personal preference. Where here to roast the list and discuss people, okay.

Andrew Maff:               I'm not here to judge, if you like shoving plastic into your face. Bullet points, I don't know if maybe your category's limited but I only see four, you should have five. I would utilize all five. They're all short, I'll give you credit to it. I don't know why every other word is capitalized, it's not a title, it's a bullet point so make sure you clean that up.

It seems earphones, yeah, you never used the word headphone once. It's a headphone, at least that's how I would search it. I would literally search 'in-ear headphones.' I like in-ear headphones, that's how I would search that. I don't use the word 'earphones.'

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. I think that's definitely, this is absolutely a case where keyword research was either missing or not necessarily followed. It might have been done but not considering the options, in which someone might search a product.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. And the other problem with headphones, we've done consumer electronics a lot, you have to come off like the world's most premium product ever, and then let your price point be whatever you set it as. So if you're going to sit at $19.90 that's fine but you need to have a serious, professional wildly premium looking product. I can't zoom in here, it's too small. It seemed faded in the background. This is actually against terms of service, it's supposed to be a white background only. That picture we'll get to.

Morgan Gibbons:          I also take issue with the fact that one of the earbuds doesn't have the little jelly guy on it. So when I look at this I automatically feel uncomfortable. You know when you lose one on the bus when you go to work, and then you have to shove it in if you-

Andrew Maff:               Like you're actually going to jam aluminum into your ear.

Morgan Gibbons:          That's it, yeah.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. This one I get it, standard picture but it's still again, these are all really small and this picture tells the same story as this one, so you could potentially get rid of this one and keep this one and replace it with a lifestyle image or something.

Morgan Gibbons:          I think especially with headphones and music related devices, the people who are shopping for them and will eventually be swayed, want those lifestyle pictures because it helps them picture themselves wearing it and using it.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. This one's hilarious. It looks like an influencer did it and you guys stole it off their Instagram and threw it up here. It also looks like it's partially an ad for breakfast, I can't really tell.

Morgan Gibbons:          Unsure. I'm about to also buy a motivational player with this one.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. This is too small, I can't read it. I have no idea what's going on and why it says, "Happy day" in it is beyond me as well. This is just okay, you took the same picture and threw it with a speaker. This one does have ... Why do you do all the ABC ones first? So yeah, way too much copy. This looks like a snake.

Morgan Gibbons:          It does look like a snake.

Andrew Maff:               It's not a snake, what is it?

Morgan Gibbons:          It's reverberating water.

Andrew Maff:               Oh it's a river, oh and those are rocks. Okay so it's not a snake.

Morgan Gibbons:          [inaudible 00:33:28].

Andrew Maff:               That's good, I don't like snakes, they scare me. How are they moved? You know what, forget it. There's way too much copy here, no one's going to read this. So it's a headphone, I want to see a cool DJ using it and then I want to be like that DJ, that's what I would go for. These aren't bad, I'm okay with these.

Morgan Gibbons:          Those are also I believe, some of the only original images that were not initially in the listing optimization. So I think also the point of EBC is to add, you want it to be enhanced, you want to give it some sort of value, and when you're reusing your images in a cyclical fashion like that it detracts.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. Think of the Enhanced Brand Content is there to obviously enhanced the brand, common sense, but it's also there to further the clarification of the product. So if you weren't sold at the top with that picture, maybe the Enhanced Brand Content will finally get you. So they're deciding to stay on your listing. They're deciding to look a little bit more, so give them more, don't give them the same crap in different areas. Oh this one.

Morgan Gibbons:          This is way more just looking at it.

Andrew Maff:               Who sent us this one? Oscar.

Morgan Gibbons:          Oscar.

Andrew Maff:               This one's interesting. The reason we put this one a little bit towards the front here is because we wanted to discuss something more than just the optimization side of things. So A, when I first see this I go, "What is happening? There's so much here." It says, "There's five water filters but then there's four free." And then I start counting and I can't tell if that math is lining up because the purple areas look like filters but it turns out that they're not.

So it took me some investigating to figure out whether this was in fact nine filters or not. So ideally what I would say is just say, "Comes with nine stage RO water filters" and ignore the rest of it because you're really just repeating yourself. With that that would shorten your title, that would alleviate that a little bit. Obviously we didn't do any keyword research on this product, but the bullet points seem okay. Length seems good. No-

Morgan Gibbons:          Remove contaminants, that seems like it would probably rank.

Andrew Maff:               I'm cool there.

Morgan Gibbons:          Easy set up. Yeah.

Andrew Maff:               So then we go through this stuff, it's a little bit busy. You have some call outs, you have some infographics. It's not meant to be a sexy product. No one's hanging out at home going, "Oh, I'm going to look into water filters." It's something you need so you go to look for it.

Here's why we wanted to do this one and make sure we discussed it. There's no reviews on this product, so I'm going to assume that you sent us this product because it's not moving and you want to know why. If you are watching, let me know I'm right. Where's our little chat? Have we hurt some people? Yeah, a couple.

If you're there, let me know if I'm right, if it's just not moving and that's why you sent us this. This essentially the thought here is that not contrary to popular belief, not every product does great on Amazon. There are things that people are looking for and Amazon is becoming to me, to me it's like a drugstore like those type of products are what's starting to be more and more sold on Amazon.

So a $210 product to buy some water filters might be a little bit up there. I would probably prefer to buy that from an actual website, so assuming ExpressWater.com exists, I would prefer to buy it from there than I would on Amazon. There are just things that do better than others on Amazon.

And I think this is probably a good case of something that's good to have on Amazon, because it's always nice to play the real estate game with that and beyond and diversify, but I feel like you're better having a content strategy and probably more Google Ads. This is probably something I would search on Google and not so much on Amazon.

Morgan Gibbons:          This Photoshopping is a abysmal.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. It's a little rough. This is wrong, that's too much copy. I should never have to read more ever. I never want to read more. The answer is read more? No.

Morgan Gibbons:          This last one took all of the same images and just threw them down below. One thing I did like about this listing though, was that they also included a video, so the video up at the top was one of the first ones we've seen with an actual video.

Andrew Maff:               That's a good video too.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. It was a nice video.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. This one was actually just sent to me, so it's not going to be that person, so let's fly through. So at first it looks like oh cool, you're selling a black box.

Morgan Gibbons:          With a lid.

Andrew Maff:               It is in fact a floating shelf. So what I would say here, some products you can get away with not having a white background. And this feels like one of those products you might try and see if they'll let you do it, just because this doesn't look like a floating shelf to me. It looks like a black box and I didn't know it was a floating shelf until I read your title, but even if you left that as is, there's nothing on here that shows it's a floating shelf.

Put it on a wall, put it on however this will be utilized and make sure that it's actually showcasing how the product is used. Call outs, infographics, size charts, all that fun stuff. Long bullet points, title case again, stop. Oh God, no one is reading that. No. No. No. No. No. No one is reading that.

Morgan Gibbons:          This also feels like a personal life story. Oh yike. So the images, I like that you can scroll through them, I think that's a neat little thing that you did there, especially if you have a lot of content, but in half of them I can't tell that you're selling a shelf.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. This is exhausting. This one, the cream.

Morgan Gibbons:          This is a body cream or NASCAR drivers.

Andrew Maff:               Yes. You have reached the finish line. This is the last cream you'll ever need. So pictures, this from a distance, I thought this was your product next to several fancy trash can garbage bags, trash bags. It turns out it's not, so as you read it okay, this is not an added value to me, this is just it so happens to come in different bags.

This is something that if you really want to add it, fine, put it towards the end. It doesn't need to be there. What needs to be in the front is what makes this cream better, why am I using it? Who uses it? Stuff like that.

So maybe you want to focus on ingredients, this I get. Please don't be lazy and just copy and paste your ingredients in here. Do call outs, get little icons of trees and stuff like that. [inaudible 00:40:34] look at that but this looks like a belly button. So someone holding it and then scooping it out or something less stomach like.

This, I don't like this. I see this a lot of people who just take pictures of the side of the product. If you want to take a picture of the side of the product that's great, but I can't read that, there's no way. I can't stop, stop it. I'd have to zoom in and then sit here and read this and no one is doing this.

Morgan Gibbons:          It's good that the pictures are zoomable though, you can zoom in.

Andrew Maff:               Don't quote me on this but I don't think you have that ability on mobile, so that means on mobile you wouldn't be able to do that. And then this, I don't even think that's really your product and I can't zoom in on it to find out, so this is just like a stock photo you found and you put in here.

Morgan Gibbons:          I do like your title. I have nothing personal against it. I think you have body cream, hand lotion, those are things people are searching for. Also would be interested in actually using this product as a lot of, I always look for things with shea butter, tea tree oil and aloe in it. I imagine it being a nice lotion.

Andrew Maff:               Short bullet points, credit for that, I think a little too short but shorter, so in the right direction.

Morgan Gibbons:          Non-greasy would definitely do well.

Andrew Maff:               Again with the capitalizing every word though, it's not a title, you don't have to do that. You didn't have any inspiring content and no one's reading this so this is way too much stuff right here, and then this is just stock imagery that you found and threw in here, so it seems lazy a little bit.

Morgan Gibbons:          I also really do not love the smiley face on the foot. That gives me very strange Spy Kids vibes of the toe people, if anyone understands my reference but that one hurts me a little bit.

Andrew Maff:               So we have time for a couple more and then I have a few other things I want to go through. This one, so this one we panicked on because we actually have done multiple of these. Who sent this to us, is this Brent?

Morgan Gibbons:          I believe it was maybe Brent.

Andrew Maff:               I think. Okay. No, not Brent.

Morgan Gibbons:          Maybe it wasn't Brent. Oh it says right here.

Andrew Maff:               Oh it's Ellen.

Morgan Gibbons:          This is coming from Robert.

Andrew Maff:               Robert sent us this one, so Robert. Call me, we've done multiple of your competitors, so we've done a handful of these, so we panicked before we looked at this one because we were like, "Someone's trying to trick us." but no we're good. So super long title, unnecessary. Bullet points dear God man, come on. It's so long. Super easy clean up and then 500 words that you're not going to read, so stop with the long ... Again, I'm just repeating myself on the bullet points. This-

Morgan Gibbons:          Very hard to read.

Andrew Maff:               Very hard to read. I got the idea, I understand what you're trying to do. I would rather have next to the plate have like a three of these and then 6X and then 5X where I can actually see and compare. So the happy birthday banner, maybe I don't know what that is or the dinner paper plates or the dessert paper plates, which one is which? I would rather it be obnoxiously simple for me.

This is cool, I get this, it's like everything all set up. A call out or an infographic or two I think would be nice.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. I love this image. I think this is the cutest thing in the entire world. I do not have a child around the age of five to eight who would have a unicorn birthday party, but if I did I would love for it to look like this.

Andrew Maff:               They are adorable. I also want a cupcake now.

Morgan Gibbons:          Absolutely. We know how to plan some of this [crosstalk 00:44:22].

Andrew Maff:               Minus this one, I like all of these as long as they have some call outs or some infographics or something like that, and then I'm pretty sure, yeah. You didn't have Enhanced Brand Content, that's a shame.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. I think that one also had a lot of potential for EBC to really sell someone on it.

Andrew Maff:               All right, last one. Long in the title, definitely. You used digestion and digestive twice. It was okay, but some of this is a little on the long side for me.

Morgan Gibbons:          Tea is in there more times than I would like it to be.

Andrew Maff:               Yes. Don't love the pictures, I think they could be a little bit cleaner, especially this one because that's the same picture with a different background. Yeah. It's just the same stuff we've been talking about, it's a little small. Those are like emoji infographics [inaudible 00:45:21].

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah. that would be impossible to read on mobile. People are very excited about cleansing their colon. Really nothing gets them as stoked, white people in their mid-30s as a good old colon cleanse there right?

Andrew Maff:               Shutterstock. Again bullet points, same problem, different day and way too much copy right after the logo. This looks like a theme and way too much copy here. I like your packaging, it's not bad. I feel you could utilize those elements throughout this and you chose not to and we disagree with that.

Morgan Gibbons:          I feel like your comparison chart though, I do find that that's helpful.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. I like that. Those are okay, I like this but I think the paragraphs are unnecessary. Just go straight to the point on what it is and call it a day. Remember, no one's going to sit here and read this. Think about it like this, if someone were to come to your listing, do you really think they're going to read every piece of copy that you put on there? If not, why is it there?

 Just put enough on there where they'll read all the important points and they'll decide whether they want the product or not. No one's going to read for 15 minutes to decipher whether to buy this colon cleanse or not. If it's not straight and to the point and obvious that they need it then they're just going to move on.

I think that for the sake of everyone's time, that is plenty of roasts. So hope everyone enjoyed it, thank you so much for coming. So of course we have some stuff for you guys. So if you go to, I made it bitly just to make it shorter. So if you go to bit.oi/ListingEbook we do have an ebook. It's not gated, you don't have to worry about it, it will just download right there.

You can go check out our ebook there. We're actually already updating that as well, so take a look at that. It will definitely give you a good guideline and then shoot me an email in three or four weeks and I'll have a new one for you updated, that we did a little bit more to today's best practices and what we know Amazon to work for today. But that one is still very good, I just want to make sure we tweaked it a little bit, but go ahead and download that.

Then of course the one thing we noticed is that almost everyone's Enhanced Brand Content sucked. So what I'm going to say is if anyone needs help with their Enhanced Brand Content, feel free to shoot me an email. Andrew@SellersChoice.digital. Mention this webinar and I promise you I will give you our best rate I possibly can, because at this point I just want to fix what I just looked at. Thank you all so much for joining us.

Morgan Gibbons:          Yeah, it was great. Great being here. Yeah. I've never participated in a roast before. I tried to keep it a little kinder than my colleague Andrew over here.

Andrew Maff:               I feel like I was nicer than I was expected to be.

Morgan Gibbons:          You held back. I think-

Andrew Maff:               A little bit. Yesterday was worse.

Morgan Gibbons:          You had a lot of self-restraint.

Andrew Maff:               Thank you so much for joining us. I will send everyone the slides so you guys have that. If you have any questions or you need help with anything, of course feel free to reach out to us. Follow us, make sure you sign up for the Seller's Post, guess who writes that stuff?

Morgan Gibbons:          It's me.

Andrew Maff:               So give Morgan some love and go check out Seller's Post, it's our daily newsletter of the ecommerce news, but I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Good luck, thank you for joining us and we will see you all next time.

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