Optimizing Your Clothing And Apparel Listings For Halloween


Nearly all of your target audience will participate in Halloween. That means Halloween is the perfect opportunity to attract and engage a “universal” audience. You can have a lot of fun creating Halloween campaigns, which will encourage your customer to have fun alongside you. This builds your audience while enhancing your brand loyalty.


How do you attract the Halloween audience and increase your revenue for apparel during this spooky season?


P.S. These tips work well for other holidays as well, like Thanksgiving and Christmas time.


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1. Promote your “costume”.

Whether you’re selling Halloween costumes or not, your apparel can likely be used as part of a costume. If you sell an inexpensive white T-shirt, you could write a blog post about how to turn a white T-shirt into a mummy costume or a ghost. If you sell graphic T-shirts, come up with funny pun costumes people can use with your tees.


Get creative, and imagine how you would use your apparel to create a costume if it was the only thing you had in the closet. Consumers love building their own DIY costumes, and you can be their go-to apparel brand for a unique and original costume.


If you have a printing business, it might be a good idea to create a couple on-demand Halloween shirts as well. It’s common for people to wear Halloween-themed shirts during the season. Teachers wear them to school and casual Fridays at the office are filled with orange and black. You can use a fun catchphrase like, “witches be tripping” or “too lazy to buy a Halloween costume.” These easy tees go over well if they are clever, simple, and moderately priced.


This is an opportunity for you to put a “spooky” twist on some of your bestsellers, so you can resell to customers who already love your products while also widening your visibility to attract a new audience.


2. Add Halloween-specific keywords.

People want cool and trending costumes while still wearing something novel and exclusive. So, they turn to Google and Amazon to search top keywords and find cool ways to make the costume their own. This is an opportunity to gain some visibility by showing up in these Halloween searches, even if you don’t have a Halloween-specific business.


This year, the top Halloween costumes according to Google trends include:

  • Fortnite
  • Spider-man
  • Unicorn
  • Dinosaur
  • Witch
  • Harley Quinn
  • Superhero
  • Pirate
  • Rabbit
  • Princess


These keywords are pretty generic, which means you have a lot of room to play with them in your listing. How can someone use your apparel to create these costumes? How does your brand play into the Halloween look?


You can also use any other Halloween-based keywords like costume, pumpkin, horror, treat, fall, scary, costume ideas, or candy. Keep in mind that you want to specifically target your audience, though—don’t just use Halloween keywords to attempt to get a cut of the Halloween pie. Think about what your ideal audience wants to do this Halloween and focus your keywords there.


You can use keywords in bullets, product descriptions, and even the title. For example, if you have a plain black dress, you could include the headline: “Little black dress, perfect for a DIY witch or pirate costume.” This tells customers that you’re constantly updating your listings, which shows you are a legitimate company that doesn’t just throw up listings and leaves them there. It also signals Halloween relevancy to Amazon’s search engine optimization.


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3. Host a Halloween promotion.

Whether or not you sell Halloween-related apparel, you can use Halloween as a marketing campaign. You can make your ads scary or funny depending on your target audience.


Get your Halloween promotion on your website and social media especially. Consumers love to see holiday-related content pop up on their social media because it helps get them in the “spirit.” Now is the time to really vamp up your social media presence. Chat with Seller’s Choice about our social media marketing solutions to get going.


One of the most successful Halloween promotions we’ve found is a “ghost” promo discount code. You give out exclusive promotional codes to a select few who “solve the mystery” or “find the ghost.” This could be that they win the sweepstakes, win your social media treasure hunt, or even tag you in their own DIY costume.


Make sure you use innovative content and trending hashtags like #HappyHalloween, #TrickOrTreat, #Halloween2018, or #DIYcostume. This puts you in the larger conversation surrounding the holiday, which can help improve visibility and brand awareness.


Remember: Halloween is the last big event before Black Friday rolls around, which means it’s also your last opportunity to build a hefty client list before the chaos starts. It’s hard to gain new customers on Black Friday—but it’s easy to resell to recent Halloween customers.


Check out our list of the best Halloween marketing examples from some of your favorite companies.

"One of the most successful Halloween promotions we’ve found is a “ghost” promo  discount code. You give out exclusive promotional codes to a select few who “solve the  mystery” or “find the ghost”."  -Click to Tweet-


4. Run a PPC campaign for costumes.

Are you selling costumes or articles that works well for a costume? Focus on these products and run PPC campaigns for those specific listings. This will get these units in front of relevant Halloween searchers, which encourages a high rate of sell-through for that inventory.


You’ll want to look for Halloween-specific keywords to target and bid on. For example, “unicorn” might be too vague—even though it’s a popular Halloween costume right now. You might instead want to use the key phrase, “unicorn costume” or “adult unicorn costume” or “pink unicorn costume.” The more specific you are on Amazon, the more likely you’ll attract serious buyers looking to purchase costumes—not just browsers looking for ideas.


Learn how to run a successful PPC campaign here.


If you’re selling at least three costumes or you’re selling three articles that work well as a unit costume, you can even create a Headline Search Ad. These allow you to put together three related products that link back to your brand’s landing page. This is a cool opportunity to get high visibility at the top of search results while specifically targeting your Halloween consumer.


For example, you might put together your three products; white button-down top, black slacks, and a pair of suspenders. You could then write the copy, “Just add glasses and you’ve got the perfect nerd costume for 2018!”


Start creating a Halloween Headline Search Ad here.


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5. Focus on “products bought together”.

Amazon’s algorithm automatically determines the “Frequently Bought Together” section at the bottom of your listing. This happens if Amazon notices customers are consistently buying multiple products from your brand, and they’ll begin to assume these products work together as a unit or set.


Although you don’t have control over the products that show up here, you can still leverage this algorithm for the Halloween season. If even a few people buy your white button-down, black slacks, and suspenders in one purchase, Amazon will start to combine these purchases. Then, the next time a customer wants to purchase that white button-down, they’ll see the other items associated with it. They’ll see that other customers are buying those items, so they’ll want to too.


If you are using the “frequently bought together” as a unique DIY costume idea, make sure you specify this in your listing. For example, one of your bullet points could be, “Great for nerd Halloween costume.” This puts the idea in their head, so they aren’t confused why people are buying those items together.


Leveraging this section creates an overall costume “look” for your brand while increasing your traffic, units per sale, and revenue.


Learn more about the Frequently Bought Together section with Skubana's blog.



Whether you’re selling costumes or other apparel, Halloween is the opportune time to attract new customers. You’re putting yourself in the overall conversation, and you’re selling “fun” to your customers. They’ll start to associate their positive Halloween memories with your business, which can help foster repeat and long-term clients.


What are your Amazon Halloween promotional ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

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