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On April 20th, 2018 our own Andrew Maff sat down with Victoria Sullivan the Marketing Manager at Payability. Listen in as they discuss how Payability is a financing company for Amazon and other marketplace sellers. What they do with Amazon and other marketplaces and much more!   Learn More about Payability: 




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Andrew Maff: Alright. I'll let you kick us off a little bit here. You want to just tell us a little bit about Payability for anyone who may be watching this who doesn't know what you guys do?

Victoria Sulliv: Sure. I'm Vicky. I'm the marketing manager at Payability. We are a financing company for Amazon and other marketplace seller. What we do is Amazon and other marketing places pay on two terms or more. We help you get paid every day, so you can grow faster and put that money back into your business faster, and just really scale without any bumps on the road in cashflow.
Exactly how it works. What we do is we'll advance you 80% of your Amazon earnings every business day. The remaining 20% stays in your reserve to cover returns and charge backs. And then, that's released to you on Amazon's regular, two week schedule. Minus our 2% fee on gross sales.
Andrew Maff: Nice. You guys have a platform that you use. Right? It's not like it just happens in the backend, you have some kind of analytics or something you can track. Don't you?

Victoria Sulliv: Yes. We link up to your Amazon account. Every night we'll go in and see what sales you made and we'll be able to advance you that rate the next day.

Andrew Maff: Cool. That's awesome. You've got to have some serious success stories on sellers who needed the income and it's a struggle for them to scale or something like that. Do you have any good ones you can share with us?

Victoria Sulliv: Yeah. We see sellers all the time. One that particularly comes to mind is Jump City Toys. We actually have a video of them on our YouTube channel. We went out to their place in Redding, Pennsylvania and filmed them. They're a family of toy sellers.
They started out a couple of years ago selling toys on Amazon and really wanted to make it a full-time thing, just to spend more time together as a family. They weren't able to do that, because of the two week payment delay. They got on with Payability and now they all ... Both mom and dad, this is their full-time job. They're able to stay home and have a great business and a great income from it too.
We really see that a lot. Where this is the difference between a side hustle and making it your full-time job.

Andrew Maff: Nice. Scott and Keith, your founders.

Victoria Sulliv: Yep.

Andrew Maff: Where'd they come up with the idea?

Victoria Sulliv: It originally started with app developers. Apple pays on 90 day terms. That could be really challenging for an app developer trying to scale their business. It started out there in that space, and then it eventually moved into Amazon.
Amazon sellers have, a s you know way more motivation to get their money faster, because if you stock out you're not just losing a sale today you're losing sales tomorrow, just because of the way SEO works on Amazon. It's really important to have your money right away.

Andrew Maff: Okay. You mentioned you guys have your own Amazon merch account. Do you use Payability for that, just because you can?

Victoria Sulliv: Oh. We totally should. It's just mostly us buying shirts for ourselves and for our customers, but if we had Payability on it we would scale it up.
One big thing that happened this week though, we just signed our first Walmart marketplace and Top Header customers. We're officially into some new marketplaces as well too. That's [crosstalk 00:05:49].

Andrew Maff: You're not just Amazon?

Victoria Sulliv: Not anymore, but we still are big into Amazon. We really feel that people in other marketplaces could really benefit from daily payments too and we want to kind of spread the love a little.

Andrew Maff: Oh. That's perfect. We sit here all the time and preach diversifying, mainly for probably the same reasons you guys do. We're being so dependent on one platform is sometimes a little scary. Jeff Bezos decides to go on a bender one night and all of a sudden you're out of business.
I love that you guys are moving to other marketplaces. That's awesome. I'm sure you'll start to see a lot of people coming in that way. Do you work with primarily smaller, medium, large sellers? Who works best with you guys?

Victoria Sulliv: It really works for sellers at really any level. Cashflow is important in any business, it's really the lifeblood of an online business like Amazon. Our minimum is you only need 90 days on sales history and $2,000 a month in sale to get started with us. It's a really simple financing solution.

Andrew Maff: Okay. What's something about Payability nobody knows?

Victoria Sulliv: Okay. One fun fact about the marketing team is a lot of us went to Syracuse and we all lived ... Different years, but we all lived in the same dorm freshman year. All three of us that went to Syracuse on the marketing team. Oh, we're actually all right here. That's Alison, and that's Alden and then, [inaudible 00:07:31]. Guy in the Payability shirt didn't go to Syracuse, but he's wearing a cool shirt.


Andrew Maff: Oh. Well, you gotta get him a Syracuse shirt.

Victoria Sulliv: I know. I gotta get him one. But, yeah. That's kinda a fun fact about the marketing team, is that we all lived in the same dorm freshman year. We kinda bleed orange, I guess.

Andrew Maff: Alright. You're on the marketing side, clearly we can talk a little shop here. I do have an outside Payability question for you.

Victoria Sulliv: Sure.

Andrew Maff: Aspiring socialite? You have your own blog. Right?

Victoria Sulliv: Yeah. I do.

Andrew Maff: Do you work with marketplaces? Any commerce sellers and things like that. Basically, work as an influencer and do affiliate sales and things like that?

Victoria Sulliv: Yeah. I do. I'm a member of Reward Style. I have my affiliate links on there. Click on them, definitely. Buy something.

Andrew Maff: Nice.
Victoria Sulliv: [crosstalk 00:08:27].

Andrew Maff: Do you do Amazon affiliates as well? Have you tried?

Victoria Sulliv: Well, yeah. Amazon has done affiliate program, but I use Reward Style.

Andrew Maff: Yeah.

Victoria Sulliv: Amazon is on there. It's just easier to have your sales kind of aggregated onto one platform, because you have to get a certain balance. I think $100 for them to pay out.

Andrew Maff: Yeah.

Victoria Sulliv: It's better to have everything in one place. I'm pretty happy with Reward Style.

Andrew Maff: Do you work with any sellers directly or do you only go through Reward Style right now?

Victoria Sulliv: Yeah. I started working with some sellers directly. Actually, one of our customers found me on ... Jay [inaudible 00:09:03]. Gonna give him a shout out. Beautiful shoes. He found me on Linkedin and started asking me about both the blog and Payability. Ended up signing up as a Payability customer and he's sending me some shoes to photograph for my blog.

Andrew Maff: There you go.

Victoria Sulliv: That's [inaudible 00:09:19]. Kind of [inaudible 00:09:21] for me.

Andrew Maff: With E-commerce sellers coming to you ... Because, we actually get this question all the time. We don't do affiliate sales because, no offense, working with bloggers can be difficult.

Victoria Sulliv: Yeah.

Andrew Maff: How can an E-commerce seller get you to work with them without it being such a hassle or them struggling to figure out what a post is worth, or what a social post is worth, or anything like that?

Victoria Sulliv: Sure. I think definitely for any E-commerce seller and especially somebody just starting out who has a really cool product, you don't necessarily have to be paying bloggers big bucks. I know huge bloggers, but if they love your product and if you're gonna gift to them a product they will post about you.
I think it's about ... It's not necessarily paying people, but it's about finding the right fit and being generous with a product.

Andrew Maff: Yeah.

Victoria Sulliv: Gifting the blogger the product, because there's no worse pitch then getting an email out of the blue from some random company you've never heard of being like, "Can you post a picture of this shoe?" Yeah. It doesn't really help me at all.

Andrew Maff: Yeah.

Victoria Sulliv: I'm personally not a huge blogger, but I don't necessarily need money ... I do, do sponsored stuff. But, I don't necessarily need money to post about something if it's something that's genuinely a good fit for me. Just find the right blogger and give them a lot of free stuff.

Andrew Maff: There you go. Alright. I won't ask you anymore questions about it. I know you're probably in the office and they're gonna be like, "Why aren't you doing Payability stuff?" How long has Payability been around now?

Victoria Sulliv: Around two years.

Andrew Maff: Two years? Nice. In the next year or two year, besides expanding to other marketplaces do you guys have anything cool going on? Do you have anything coming up? You attending anything? I know you guys were at Prosper, just recently. You guys gonna be anywhere else?

Victoria Sulliv: Yeah. We have some events coming up. We're heading to the Midwest E-com conference and also a Jim Cockrum CES conference.

Andrew Maff: Cool.

Victoria Sulliv: I know we have [inaudible 00:11:29] in the work that we're kind of considering. Sorry, my arm's getting tired. Yeah. I guess, expanding to other marketplaces and other areas within Amazon like "" and ".ci" are really big priorities for us.

Andrew Maff: Nice. You guys never do anything yourselves in the city or anything?

Victoria Sulliv: Oh. Events ourselves?

Andrew Maff: Yeah.

Victoria Sulliv: We haven't as of now, but that would be awesome. I think, Payability Con?

Andrew Maff: Yeah. I'll reach out to you guys. Maybe we'll do something together.

Victoria Sulliv: Maybe if you'll organize it.

Andrew Maff: Alright. I'll let you go rest your arm. Why don't you give us some closing. Let everyone know how they can reach you guys. That way, as we post this everywhere that we possibly can they can find you in the future.

Victoria Sulliv: Sure. Yeah. Sign up for Payability, get your cashflow going. Just visit "" it's a really simple sign up process, no credit check. It's really just based on how great of a seller you are.
If you believe in your Amazon business, and your E-commerce business, and you want to grow, and you want to stop from being ... Turn your hustle into your main job? Give us a call.

Andrew Maff: Thanks. Vicky, I appreciate it. Tell the team I said, hi. I will speak to you later, but thank you. Have a good one.

Victoria Sulliv: Thanks for having me on.

Andrew Maff: Anytime. Alright.

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