How To Prep Your Amazon Listing For The Spring Season


Spring and summer are here, which provides the perfect opportunity to make your business blossom. It’s also the perfect time to do a little spring-cleaning of your Amazon listings to make them optimized for engagement and conversion.


The majority of Amazon sellers do a good portion of their business in Q4. They recover from returns and strategize during Q1. So it’s really in the spring and summer (Q2 and Q3) that many e-commerce stores see the largest “lull” in sales and growth.


We see a lull as an opening! There’s no better time to ramp up your growth than when business is slow. Now is the perfect time to focus on marketing, boost your Amazon listing, and rake in the profits.


Not only will you make the middle half of your year more profitable, but you’ll also set yourself up for success in the holiday season. The sooner you start to build brand awareness, sales, reviews, and search engine rankings, the better you’ll be positioned when Q4 comes around.


But what can you do to prep your Amazon listings this spring that will show results for the rest of the year?


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1. Spring Holidays Promotions

Spring might not be “the holiday season,” but it’s chock full of great holidays you can work with. Easter, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day are big days to sell gifts on Amazon, so you might want to consider optimizing your keywords for these dates. You might also want to run holiday-specific promotions like Lightning Deals or coupon codes. Memorial Day is another popular day for sales, especially for home goods and appliances.


But don’t forget about all of the other spring holidays as well! It’s the perfect time to have fun with your marketing, build your brand voice, and create a little buzz around your business. Whether it’s a sale for Tax Day so people can save while they spend, celebrating Arbor Day with your eco-friendly products, throwing a celebration for Cinco de Mayo, or showing appreciation on National Nurses Day, it’s time to think outside the box to connect your brand with your audience.


2. Refresh your Visuals

Your images are the main selling point on your Amazon listing. So it’s time to give them a facelift. It’s a great time of year to redo your photography for a brighter, lighter aesthetic on your listing page. It’s also an awesome time to take some outdoor lifestyle shots to show how your products fit into the spring and summer world.


If your listings aren’t seeing the conversion rate you’d like, it probably comes down to your images. Learn how to use images for conversion and profit on Amazon here.


Now could also be the perfect time to invest in a video strategy.. Videos help customers imagine using the product in their own life, which can drastically boost your conversion rate. It’s the closest thing online shoppers can get to shopping in a physical storefront to and experience the product firsthand. Discover how to implement video in your Amazon listings here.


"Spring might not be “the holiday season,” but it’s chock full of great  holidays you can work with."  -Click to Tweet-


3. Focus on Amazon Prime

Making your products available for Prime is one of the most lucrative ways to stand out and get sales on Amazon.


There are over 100 million Amazon Prime members. These Prime members pay a $99 premium (moving to $119) every year just to get Prime perks like free and fast shipping, early access to deals, and Prime Now. Prime members are the most loyal shoppers on Amazon, so you want to grab this customer for your own business.


Becoming Prime eligible means these Prime members can get fast, free shipping with your products. This means they’re more likely to buy from you than competitors that don’t offer Prime. Amazon’s algorithm also favors Prime sellers over non-Prime ones. So you have a better chance of winning the Buy Box and attracting Amazon’s most loyal consumers.  


Plus, Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest sales days of the year, is usually in July. On Prime Day 2018, there were over 100 million products sold on Prime Day alone, making it Amazon’s biggest sales date thus far. So you want to be approved as Prime eligible in the spring so you have plenty of time to prepare for Prime Day’s major sales. Check out the 9 ways to prep for Amazon Prime Day here.


How do you become Prime eligible? In most cases, you need to utilize FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). This is Amazon’s logistics service that handles warehousing, picking, packaging, customer service, and everything post-sales. Once you use FBA, Amazon automatically makes you Prime eligible. Another option is SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime). See the difference between FBA and SFP here.


4. Clean Up your Reviews

Now is the time to start focusing on building a strong set of good reviews, which can put you ahead of the game during the holiday season. Both customers and search algorithms want to see that your products have positive reviews. Reviews become especially critical in the holiday season when competition is fierce.


Customers are more likely to buy a product with a 4.5 rating and 6,000 reviews than one with 2 reviews at a 5-star rating. It’s not all about the actual stars—it’s the quality and quantity together.


So how do you clean up your reviews?

  1. Get more positive reviews.

  2. Manage negative reviews.


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To get more positive reviews, you need to make more sales and wow those customers. That means you need to provide an incredible product with outstanding customer service. Get our tips on generating positive reviews here.


But even with the best products, you’re bound to get some bad reviews. Click here to learn how to handle negative feedback to alleviate poor customer experiences, remove low star reviews, and improve your branding to potential customers.


5. Start Reviewing Trends.

It might seem crazy, but now’s the time to start preparing your holiday product portfolio. You can start to do some digging to see what products are trending upwards and will be hot gift items for the end of 2019.


The earlier you have an idea for your holiday products, the earlier you can introduce them to market. So, if you think burrito-scented candles are going to be a huge gift item this year, you can launch it in the spring and summer to see how well the turn out is and if it trends upwards. It also gives you time to play around with marketing strategies to make a name for yourself in the burrito-candle world.


You can test and try products in the spring so you can sell out during the holidays.


Bottom Line

In conclusion, it’s time for a spring cleaning of your Amazon listings. You want to focus on taking this time to boost your sales and ratings by marketing to the spring holidays and seasons, becoming Prime eligible, and reviewing your product lineup. With just these few shifts, you’ll see a major change in your 2019 profits. Remember: spring’s a great time for revenue and an even better time to create a launching pad for holiday success.


What do you do to prepare your Amazon listing for the spring? Give us your tips in the comments below!  

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