Sellerscast: 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Wrap Up


On November 27th, 2018 our own Andrew Maff, Director of Marketing, sat down with our own Gina Milazzo, Head of Accounts, to talk about 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 



Andrew Maff:  What's up? It's episode five of Sellerscast. Today we are talking about the 2018 Black Friday Cyber Monday wrap up. Let's talk about what we saw.

Today is Tuesday, which means Cyber Monday just ended. We had Black Friday that was that entire weekend, which it really just felt like we should just call it a Black Weekend or something. Let's back and forth. What'd you notice? Go.

Gina Milazzo:  Okay. I think in general, I feel like the holiday shopping season started a little bit earlier this year. Whenever Halloween falls in the middle of the week, it ends up that that first weekend right after it ends up being when you first started seeing holiday stuff in stores and online. The season definitely got off to a very fast start this year.

Andrew Maff:  I feel like the day of Black Friday or the day of Cyber Monday itself is no longer really that relevant. I started getting mailers as well as newsletters at least a week prior. I got another one two weeks before. It was just, "Don't wait for Black Friday. Don't wait for Cyber Monday."

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  It's really just becoming ... Sellers are just ignoring the days, which is fine. If you're gonna bleed into Thursday, why not bleed into Wednesday and-

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  And Tuesday and just the month?

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  Another thing I noticed is that I feel like a lot of people did a lot of promotions and then a lot of people tanked hard. I saw some people ... There was no like some people did okay. It was either some sellers did great-

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  Or some sellers did awful.

Gina Milazzo:  I think there's not ... I don't know, maybe it's just my experience, but sometimes the mistake that I see is not a lot of diversity in the promotions. It'll either be all the same products or all the same coupon or all the same discount instead of maybe discriminating by product category or your more popular sellers or your less popular sellers.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah.

Gina Milazzo:  I think that might have something to do with it.

Andrew Maff:  I think, too, that the "doorbusters" is-

Gina Milazzo:  Yes.

Andrew Maff:  Always the thing that everyone wants to go for, but if you're doing 20% off for the entire weekend, some people do that in August.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah, exactly.

Andrew Maff:  Who cares?

Gina Milazzo:  It's not impressive. It's not surprising. It's not exciting-

Andrew Maff:  Yeah.

Gina Milazzo:  I guess.

Andrew Maff:  It's-

Gina Milazzo:  I'm not excited for it.

Andrew Maff:  It's becoming more and more difficult to really stand out and actually-

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  Have a discount that people are excited about.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  I found people ... The ones that did it right, the ones that seemed to be really successful were the ones that started to promote. They were advertising their advertisements.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  It was like prepping for Black Friday. It was almost like ... kind of like Super Bowl ads-

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  Where you see the ad on social media and they say-

Gina Milazzo:  Like a teaser.

Andrew Maff:  "Keep an eye on it later."

Gina Milazzo:  It's a teaser ad.

Andrew Maff:  Exactly. That's kind of what I saw. I guess the ones that we saw that were most successful either started really early or had some crazy discount going on.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah. Definitely. I think the other thing that I started noticing is already from ... I would say ... I didn't really notice this over the summer, but I think as soon Q4 hit, a lot of retargeting. I think this has really picked up a lot of traction that people are starting to realize that if you lose someone off your site, you gotta get them back. I think that's another trend that I noticed that people are taking advantage of.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah. The one thing I noticed that I feel like everyone kind of improved on a little bit this year, where I didn't see that much of it last year was they're willing to give up a little bit more margin to get the sale so that they can keep the customer. People are more focused-

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  On the lifetime value of their customer than they are for just one purchase, which is a lot of it is issues we have, which I'm sure we'll do an episode on this, of people where they just ... sellers where they just get a purchase and then it ends.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  They don't care about the customer after that. They don't really look at the lifetime value of a customer. In which case, you may be willing to spend more on advertising if your customer's gonna come back and shop again in the future or anything like that. That's definitely something I saw where there's a lot more opportunity of people requesting emails-

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  Or all of the discounts. The only way you could get it was with you put an email in or something like that.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  That was definitely something else I saw.

Gina Milazzo:  I think so, too. The other thing I noticed, kind of on the same topic of lifetime value, is a lot of referral emails. People are doing refer a friend, get $10 off, get 20% off your next purchase or something, because I think people are realizing that if you can utilize an existing customer base for their network, you're already in a good place. I think it's a ... something I've been seeing a lot of and I'm kind of wondering if it's gonna continue or if it's gonna kinda prove itself.

Andrew Maff:  Perfect. Ironically, a lot of email talk kinda brings me around the tool I wanted to mention today. Big fans here. Privy, great popup software, integrates fantastically with Shopify as well as Blue Commerce, BigCommerce and all those fun ones. We use them. We work with them all the time. Again, we don't get paid to say this. I just really like Privy. I suggest using them, incredibly customizable popups, great way to target different audiences. My favorite thing is if you get someone who comes from Instagram, you can show them a specific popup or someone from Facebook or someone from Google ads, so you can kinda cater to whichever that audience is. That is definitely one of our favorite tools, so I figured we'd give them some love today. Thank you so much for joining us. We will see you next week. Hopefully everyone did well for Black Friday Cyber Monday. Again, if you have any topics that you would like us to cover, please make sure to comment below and, of course, subscribe. We'll see you next week. Bye

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