Sellerscast: Chatbots for E-commerce Sellers


On February 26th, 2019 our own Andrew Maff, Director of Marketing, sat down with our own Gina Milazzo, Head of Accounts, to talk about Chatbots for E-commerce Sellers.



Andrew Maff: What's up? It's our sweet episode 16 of this Sellers Cast. My name is Andrew Maffettone.

Gina Milazzo: I'm Gina Milazzo.

Andrew Maff: And today we are talking about chat bots for eCommerce sellers.

So here's what I'm gonna say. I've been digging in chat bots for the past month or two, finally got my ground level on how I want these things to run. I know that we're a little bit behind on them. The problem I was having was that, time. But also, just a matter of getting them perfect. There's a lot of people out there that just kinda threw a chat bot up, and you can say something. And then it'll just break and send you something you don't want. So I was like, okay, let's perfect this a little bit.

So here's what I'm gonna say. One, chat bots have been around for a while. If you don't have one yet, get one. Tool we're gonna feature today, I prefer ManyChat. There's a bunch out there. There's Chatfuel. I can't remember what the other one was, but there's much bigger ones out there. I like ManyChat, just happens to be the one I chose. So not only are we gonna talk about Facebook Messenger, which is basically where a majority of this is, but it's also, last week I know we spoke about CRMs. There are ways to do on your websites, your own little chat bots too.

So this is still kind of the same process, but either way, it is having a chat option somewhere that you can automate certain things. So more or less, it's a glorified if/then statement for the most part. However, biggest benefit to it, and I have actually ... So I read the metrics when people started to talk about chat bots and should I do them? Should I not do them? And they're like, "Oh, it's like ridiculous open rates and ridiculous click rates." And I was like, "Mm, whatever." And then I finally started digging into them, and fun fact. They were true.

So one of the first ones I did, that I just kind of tested, and I was like, alright, let's see what happens. There was 80% open rate, and a 29% click rate. And it was not my best copy. It was literally just a, let's see what happens, and that was crazy. So I was like, okay, gonna have to dig into this a little bit more and see how these go. So basically, think of it just like a newsletter. If you don't understand chat bots, I like to think of it just like an emailed newsletter, and with automated emails and a basic newsletter. So you can set up automated things to trigger based on what people do, right?

So you can land on Facebook or you can land on your site, and you can subscribe to a bot just like you can subscribe to an email. And then you can send them through different-

Gina Milazzo: Steps, sequences.

Andrew Maff: Yeah, sequences. Right? So the one we set up for ourselves, I like to have a lot of fun with where we basically just call it the seller's bot. Which by the way, go to, and sign up for the bot. It's a lot of fun.

Gina Milazzo: He's so fun. You should name him.

Andrew Maff: I did. I called him seller's bot.

Gina Milazzo: Oh, that's not [crosstalk 00:02:49]

Andrew Maff: Call him Mark?

Gina Milazzo: We'll talk about it.

Andrew Maff: Mark, but we also started to set some up for the clients where we have them, and they have human names, or we pretend that it's not a bot.

Gina Milazzo: Mark.

Andrew Maff: It kinda depends on the brand, but anyway. Mark, Mark the bot. So basically, you can send them through stuff. So you can subscribe, and then you can say, "Hey, this is what this bot does. This is what I'm gonna offer you. This is what is coming." And then you can send them into the next thing, and it can be something as easy as a just in case you don't want information from the bot, please input your email. Or you can ask them their first name, or hey, what's your favorite color. And you can send them different directions based on the answers that they give you.

So for us, one thing that I've set up is, you can subscribe to certain topics. You can subscribe to everything, but if you only want Amazon news, or you only want social media news, or email news, or whatever, you can pick one so that the bot's not bothering you every day. Or you can subscribe to everything, and I'll just send you everything every day, which would probably get annoying. I suggest not doing it.

But what you can also do is, since you subscribed to a certain one of those, I can now go, okay you are interested in this type of content. So obviously I'm gonna send you that type of content, but I'm also probably going to run ads to you that are similar to that type of content. Fun fact, based on last week's conversation too, you can tie all this in together into a CRM and get information from that way.

Gina Milazzo: Whew.

Andrew Maff: See? So you can set up different things. There's a ton of bots out there that are really cool that are fun to play with. So there's a lot of travel agencies out there where you can just say, "I wanna go on vacation. I wanna go somewhere hot. I wanna go in March, and I wanna pay 800 for a flight. And I wanna fly out at two o'clock." And they'll send you and go, "Great. We are confirming your tickets to Bermuda for March. Enjoy." And you go, "Cool." And that's it, and it's done. It's kinda like an assistant.

In other cases, you can have just here's your daily joke of the day, or here's your horoscope, or things like that. So it's kind of like newsletters, but the reason it's really working so well is that no one is doing it. Still, no one has taken the time to figure it out and sit down when it's really just the same thing as emails, except that it's almost even quicker just because it's short little tiny things that you just stick out.

Gina Milazzo: Super mobile friendly.

Andrew Maff: Super mobile friendly, and of course, for eCommerce sellers, if you can get a bunch of subscribers to this, it helps grow your engagement and everything. But you can also, on Shopify, as well as a few other platforms, they have the option as you check out, you can actually get your order confirmation, et cetera, through Facebook messenger. So instead of getting an email, you can now get, "Hey, your order has been shipped." And it's just a little chat bot that shows up.

Gina Milazzo: Yeah, people feel a little less weird about that. I know text updates are kind of a thing now. If you're shipping through a big carrier, they offer that, but I think Facebook's a little less personal for some people. So they feel a little less strange about it.

Andrew Maff: Yeah, and some people get so much crap in their email that they don't wanna get more than that.

Gina Milazzo: They don't even. Yeah, they don't even know when they're getting a new email from someone that they actually care about. They don't know when their package update comes.

Andrew Maff: Yeah, half the time they'll think it's spam, or they'll think it's some newsletter, promotion or whatever. So they'll just delete it, and they won't look at it. But if they're like, "Ah, I placed this order. I wanna make sure it shows up at my house." I would rather get to the second updates. So it's great. I really think that probably in the next two, three, maybe four years, it's gonna get way blown out of proportion.

Gina Milazzo: Huge. [crosstalk 00:06:12] standard.

Andrew Maff: And everyone's gonna get in there. It's gonna get obnoxious.

Gina Milazzo: We're calling it right now.

Andrew Maff: Calling it now. Two years from today, Facebook is going to turn off notifications on your messenger because people like us are going to bother the hell out of you. Sorry. It's our job.

Gina Milazzo: Subscribe.

Andrew Maff: So please go to our Facebook page, subscribe to our bot, play with it.

Gina Milazzo: He's so fun.

Andrew Maff: If you get bored, type unsubscribe. It'll stop sending to you, which is gonna be called Mark now.

Gina Milazzo: Yeah, we are.

Andrew Maff: But it's really fun. It's really cool. You'll get the idea. If you have any questions, obviously please feel free to comment below, and of course, comment below if you want us to talk about anything for next week. And of course, subscribe, but, that's all we got. Anything else?

Gina Milazzo: No.

Andrew Maff: Good. See you next week.

Gina Milazzo: [inaudible 00:06:52]

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