Sellerscast: The 3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Amazon


On March 26th, 2019 our own Andrew Maff, Director of Marketing, sat down with our own Gina Milazzo, Head of Accounts, to talk about ways to drive traffic to Amazon. 


Andrew Maff:  What's up? Welcome to SellersCast episode number 20 my name is Andrew Maffetone.

Gina Milazzo:  I'm Gina Milazzo.

Andrew Maff:  And today we are talking about the three ways to drive traffic to Amazon. All right, let's do this. You start go.

Gina Milazzo:  Okay, so we get this question a lot mostly because, especially with new list things, when people are coming to us with a brand new product idea, they're trying to launch it, get some new people on their Amazon listings. It's not always that easy. Obviously, we recommend PPC, but a really great way to also get some new people off of Amazon onto your listing is to link it in your social bio. So, if you have a brand and you are promoting all your great product images, lifestyle images and doing all that amazing community building, you should really be linking to either your Amazon storefront or directly to the listing in your posts in your bio.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah, so social is basically your first one. So, another thing on social. So social ads, always a big question. So, and it actually you know what? I'm going to come back to social because this next one I feel like also integrates with social, it's a weird one. So one of the things we like to do is to actually have multiple buttons on a website. So, if someone sells on Amazon or Walmart or Jet or Ebay or wherever else they're selling and they have the buy now button, but then they also have a available on Amazon button, available on Walmart, available on Jet, and everyone asks us the same questions. How am I supposed to like keep my margin if I'm driving traffic to Amazon? Why would I do that?

Gina Milazzo:  Jeff Bezos is trying to steal my wife!

Andrew Maff:  But so ...

Gina Milazzo:  I said to her, "Don't rat on myself."

Andrew Maff:  I would like to basically find a way to give the customer as many options as they want. It's kind of like you're not going to make a product and only offer it in one store and be like, no, I don't want it anywhere else. I don't want people to easily buy my product wherever they're most comfortable. So we kind of take a page on Amazon's book and try to cater more to the consumer than we can do the margin. And typically what will happen is you can find ways to get them to come back. That's enough for another story.

Andrew Maff:  But, why that loops into social. So what we can do is you can actually add a custom event code into the button. So as you're running ads you can actually tell us someone clicked on that button or not. So what you can do is you can run your social ads directly to your website and negate, obviously, people who've purchased before, if you're doing some kind of retargeting, but then you can also negate people who clicked on the button because they very nice may have well and gone and shopped on Amazon. The other side of things is you can re-target lookalike audiences and people who click the button and so on. Or, what you can do is re-target people who visited your site who didn't purchase and send them directly to Amazon. So you don't even have them come back to the website because there's a good chance that the reasoning and shopping your site is just because they like to shop on Amazon more.

Gina Milazzo:  You got to, except that you know, don't be a contrarian, don't buy Amazon, if you're selling and they're ready, you might as well give people option and not for nothing. I mean if you are going to get a customer that's going to be a really difficult one and lost the customer service on Amazon, like Amazon the old version.

Andrew Maff:  You can't win if you don't play the game and you have to play with Amazon, just accept it. And if you would use them as a tool as opposed to treating them like the enemy, you're more likely to succeed with that. So, that was two, right? So the onsite social and then email. So email, this is another thing, a lot of sellers ask these questions about like how can I launch a new product and like how can I get it going in my Amazon, it's like starting from scratch and it's not. Basically what you need to do is if you can build your audience and you get a large enough email list where you can reach out to that first time you launch a new product, it may be more beneficial for you to launch that product on Amazon than it is anywhere else.

Andrew Maff:  And you can send their entire list though. Guess what, we have a new product out and this is it. This is why it's great. Yay, a whole dual email campaign and drive all of your existing traffic to Amazon. Let that product get boosted and start to gain reviews and right away give them a discount code for shopping with you before anything like that. And then what you can do is scale that back and go back to pushing traffic to your website but now, you've essentially boosted that product, got it going, and it's doing its own standard Amazon snowball effect. So yeah.

Gina Milazzo:  Do it.

Andrew Maff:  Cool. So we always feed you something. So we're going to feature a today on what Tina had mentioned about posting different links and using different lanes. So there's a couple of different things you could use here. Bitly is obviously a great one, but then we also have found a new one recently was my URLS. My is their website and it's essentially you can take your Instagram link and actually have multiple links when someone clicks on it and it's like nice and branded and you can send them somewhere else and you have the option to either a, send them directly to an Amazon storefront, B you can list a bunch of different Amazon prior to you send him wherever the hell you want I don't care. That is today's episode for SellersCast, of course. Please, if you have any questions or if you have any ideas on something you'd like us to talk about, please comment below and of course subscribe where we will see you all next week.

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