Sellerscast: What Kind of Paid Advertising Will Work for You



On July 30th, 2019 our Marketing Director, Andrew Maff, and Head of Accounts, Gina Milazzo, sat down to talk about advertisements and how to decide what kind of advertising will work best for your brand.


Andrew Maff:               What's up? Episode number 38 of the Sellerscast. I'm Andrew Maffettone.

Gina Milazzo:                I'm Gina Milazzo.

Andrew Maff:               And today we are talking about what kind of paid advertising will work for you.

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Andrew Maff:               So today we're talking about paid advertising. This has been a very common conversation we have here all the time because everyone's logic always tends to be, "Okay, I'm doing," let's say, "Amazon PBC." Great. "Now I want to do Facebook ads." Fun fact, they don't work for everyone. Or, if they do, and it does work, it's going to be a very large amount of money you're going to have to spend on your initial advertising costs. Right? So let's ... I know we got an example, right? Do you have one?

Gina Milazzo:                Let's talk about food. That's an interesting one; of a new food brand that no one's ever heard of before. Let's say it's, I don't know, lentil potato chips. I saw those in the store the other day.

Andrew Maff:               Okay. So if it's any kind of consumable, that's a massive branding play. So Facebook ads or Instagram or social, or any kind of social ads will work very well. Those are ... But it's going to be expensive, but that's probably going to be the best way you can do it. You utilize different influencer stuff, you can do your videos, different content. There's going to be a very large level of education on that side. But Google search ads, probably not going to do that well unless you can see that ... What was it? Lentil potato chips?

Gina Milazzo:                Everyone's looking for lentil chips. Come on, Andrew.

Andrew Maff:               If everyone's look for lentil potato chips. So obviously do your keyword research and see if that's a thing. But you're not going to want to go after a keyword that's like, "Potato chips." You're going to end up spending an arm and a leg.

Gina Milazzo:                Against Lay's and real potato chips.

Andrew Maff:               And get no movement.

Gina Milazzo:                Sorry, lentil chips.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah, got them. And then shopping ads will be very difficult. Because now obviously, Google is picking the keywords that you're going to look for. So you're going to be negating for years until you actually can narrow it down to lentil potato chips, and then someone just happened to search that. So that's more of a social play. Once you start to get some movement, then you may want to do a search ad that you can actually cater towards just your brand name. And then as time goes on, you've brought awareness to the great lentil potato chip industry.

Gina Milazzo:                You're an innovator.

Andrew Maff:               Then people can start doing search ads. But you have to think about where your consumer is at. So for example, the other day I spoke to someone; they sell bath mat. Not bathmat.

Gina Milazzo:                Floor mats for your bathroom?

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. It's like anti-slip bath stuff, right?

Gina Milazzo:                Like what they have in hotels?

Andrew Maff:               Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, like those things.

Gina Milazzo:                Down on the shore. We're from Jersey. Yeah!

Andrew Maff:               So think about those. When some someone has a problem, they know what the problem is, they know that a solution exists. So they're actively looking for a solution.

Gina Milazzo:                How do I stop slipping in my bathtub?

Andrew Maff:               Exactly.

Gina Milazzo:                Big problem.

Andrew Maff:               So that's an easy search. Search ads'll work great. If you're on Amazon, then your standard sponsored products will work just fine; or a sponsored brand ad. Or, if you're doing a product display ad on Amazon, that could work for both, something that you're trying to build a brand for or something where you're searching because you can just get in front of a competitor.

                                    But in that case, social ads, it's not going to be that easy. You're presenting on social ads. So you're basically saying, "Here's something you didn't know you needed," and you're trying to warm them up to the idea of now they need it. Whereas on Amazon or on Google, they know they need it. They're actively looking for it. So it's almost a slightly warmer audience.

Gina Milazzo:                Yeah.

Andrew Maff:               So you got to think about who's purchasing and why they're purchasing to figure out which platform will work the best for you. There's a bunch out there, though, that are completely underutilized. So Reddit ads, you can get those things so dirt cheap right now. And I always hate talking about that because I'm always afraid all of a sudden everyone's gonna go do it.

Gina Milazzo:                Reddit's a good one. yeah.

Andrew Maff:               Reddit's scary.

Gina Milazzo:                Reddit's a lot.

Andrew Maff:               Make sure you look into it before you actually start doing some serious Reddit ads. But they are very, very inexpensive. Quora now has ads, so you can run ads on Quora. They've had ads, I think. I don't know why I said now. But that's another one, where if someone is actively looking for a answer to a solution, that's a perfect place to put it.

Gina Milazzo:                Solution, yeah.

Andrew Maff:               Everyone thinks, "Oh, social advertising is Facebook and Instagram." Yes it is, but there's so many other places. Pinterest is a good one. That one's a little bit more on the branding side.

Gina Milazzo:                Pinterest is phenomenal for branding, lifestyle, anything super informative. People are going on Pinterest looking to be explained how to do something.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah.

Gina Milazzo:                You're either trying to find fashion advice or makeup tutorials, so if you can show them how to do something in your ad, you're already ahead of the game.

Andrew Maff:               Yeah. So think about what your product is, who's buying it and why they're buying it, and then that way you will be able to start to really figure out where you should be selling. If you're going to go to social ads; yes, it can work; yes, it can do well for almost everyone. But some of you are going to pay an arm and a leg and others are not. So even if you set up a nice little Facebook funnel and everything, there's still that beginning branding stage that you're going to have to explain to people why it is that your product's so awesome, and then slowly get them into being ready for a sale. Whereas Google and Amazon or something, some kind of search engine, or Bing, I'll give them love, too; they are actively looking for it.

Gina Milazzo:                Right.

Andrew Maff:               So it's a lot easier for a sale, which is usually why your conversion rate's going to be much higher. So also keep into account all those other KPIs you may want to track on social, which could just be community building, so that that way, you can cater to them later. And then you want to focus on your customer acquisition costs and keeping your customer around longer. Which fun fact, next week's one that we're doing.

Gina Milazzo:                Woo-hoo!

Andrew Maff:               Anything else?

Gina Milazzo:                I think that's it.

Andrew Maff:               I think we're good. Once again, thank you for tuning in. Make sure you subscribe, comment below. If you want us to talk about anything else, we'll make sure that we will answer any questions or bring it up in another Sellerscast. But if not, we will see you all next week.

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