Sellerscast: Correct Ways to Respond to Product Reviews


On January 8th, 2019 our own Andrew Maff, Director of Marketing, sat down with our own Gina Milazzo, Head of Accounts, to talk about product reviews and how you can properly cultivate and respond to them.



Andrew Maff:  Welcome to Seller's Cast. This is episode nine. I am Andrew.

Gina Milazzo:  I'm Gina.

Andrew Maff:  And today, we are going over correct ways to respond to product reviews. And this is [inaudible 00:00:24] 19.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  So now we get, this is how we're kicking this off, customer service. So one of the things I've learned from this is, I always try to take a page out of like Amazon's book, right. So they are very customer friendly, and as all you sellers know, they're not very seller-friendly. So with the customers, they're always making sure their customer has the best experience, which is obviously going to continue on through 2019, so I thought this would be a good one for us to touch on first.

So appropriate ways to respond to customer reviews. And let's go out on a limb and assume that the person who left a review, one star, stereotypical response of, "If I could leave zero, I would." Like that guy, who's really pissed off and having a rough day. How do you respond?

Gina Milazzo:  Well, first of all, you should respond. If you only take one thing away from this, take that away. I was listening to some, another podcast about apologies. So think of this like one really nice apology. So first of all, start off by addressing whatever it is that they were mad about.

If it's that it came broken, or that it was the wrong color, or it was some kind of [inaudible 00:01:32] issue, just acknowledge it. And I would say, start off by, just a genuine apology. Like, "Hey, we're really sorry this happened." And that's always a strong start.

Andrew Maff:  My thing is always get them off of whichever platform that they're talking to you on.

Gina Milazzo:  Definitely.

Andrew Maff:  So Amazon, I know there's some limitations there. But if it's on your own site, or if it's on Facebook, or Google, or whatever, it's always, "Give us a call at this number. We want to make sure we help you. Or, please email so-and-so." Don't give them like an information ad or like a support ad.

Give them like a person, because then what happens is, when people see those negative reviews, they come across them, and they kind of think like, "Oh, that must have gotten help, they must have gotten help with that." They assume that the problem got solved.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  So the negative review, you immediately see a nice response with a probable-

Gina Milazzo:  Resolution, yeah.

Andrew Maff:  Resolution, and then the person who sees the negative review goes, "Look." That's when they start to realize, like not every experience is going to be perfect. Like it's a business, but a business is run by people, and people aren't perfect.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff: So there's going to be broken stuff sometimes, there's going to be wrong orders. Sometimes those things happen, so having that level of humility behind it and saying like, "Hey, reach out to Mark at this number and we'll get it solved right away." Whether they respond and say, "Yes, it got resolved," or whether they fix the review or not, isn't that big of a deal, as long as you show that you tried.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah, for sure. Another small piece of advice, I know sometimes, it's a little bit hard when you may be are emotional or you're irritated that somebody had a bad response and they left a bad review, give yourself maybe like 20 minutes to cool down.

Don't answer it the second you get it because it probably won't be as nice. Same rule for emails, give yourself a little bit of time to think about it, and remember what it is you really want to say, and why.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah, because sometimes-

Gina Milazzo:  Be responsible.

Andrew Maff:  Sometimes you get those reviews, where it's like someone said like, "Oh, it's broken." Be like, "Turn it on." Like you want to give them a smart ass response-

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  And you really shouldn't, even though-

Gina Milazzo:  Or like this isn't compatible with that. Like it said it in the comments.

Andrew Maff:  Now on the flip side of that though, I will say, if you handle it correctly, if you respond to someone with maybe not a negative tone, but a slightly sarcastic tone, I have seen review responses or even like on Twitter, when people are complaining, and they say something back-

Gina Milazzo:  People screenshot it, it's so funny.

Andrew Maff:  If it's hilarious it can go viral, and all of the sudden, it becomes a great form of marketing.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  But, tread lightly. Don't go cursing people out on Amazon, you'll get flagged for stuff for that.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  And really ease into the process, maybe test it. Like slow roll it, but otherwise, I'm just going to say, "Don't do it."

Gina Milazzo:  [inaudible 00:04:06].

Andrew Maff:  Because it can go really bad, but it could really well. But, yeah. So always respond. Always-

Gina Milazzo:  Be polite, be respectful. Acknowledge whatever it is that you did wrong.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah, and try to get it off the platform.

Gina Milazzo:  Yeah.

Andrew Maff:  Cool. Thank you so much. Again, if you have any ... Look at Rich, he's coming in. Hey, Rich. He's right there in the corner. So that's what we get for doing this behind a door.

Gina Milazzo:  I know.

Andrew Maff:  So anyway, I got to wrap it up now.

Gina Milazzo:  Happy new year.

Andrew Maff:  [inaudible 00:04:36], too.

Gina Milazzo:  Oh, yeah.

Andrew Maff:  Yotpo, reviews. Yotpo's my jam. Love Yotpo. There's some others out there that are great, but they are direct competitors so I won't say all of them. But I'm a big fan of Yotpo, a lot of extra stuff there. Plus, they have [inaudible 00:04:51], they have a Word program, that's something different, but a big fan of Yotpo. Easily customize emails, great reviews. You can tag into social and all that fun stuff.

But, again, thank you. This is going to be a good year. Please comment below. Let us know if you have anything you want us to cover for next time. And, of course, we will, or we'll at least address it. And then please subscribe, and we will see you next week. [inaudible 00:05:15].

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