Sellerscast: Social Advertising For E-commerce Sellers


On March 19th, 2019 our own Andrew Maff, Director of Marketing, sat down with our own Gina Milazzo, Head of Accounts, to talk about social advertising for e-commerce sellers.



Andrew Maff:  Hey hey! Welcome to Episode 19 of Sellerscast. My name is Andrew Maffettone.

Gina Milazzo:  I'm Gina Milazzo.

Andrew Maff:  Today, we are talking about social advertising for e-commerce sellers.

Gina Milazzo:  Woohoo!

Andrew Maff:  Ads, ads, ads, ads. So, here's the deal. First of all-

Gina Milazzo:  Here we go.

Andrew Maff:  I really wanna get this out here.

Gina Milazzo:  Sit down.

Andrew Maff:  I am so tired of these Facebook ad coach, guys. If you guys are marketers at all. If you're watching this, chances are you've seen these on Facebook, and they show up, and they're like: How I got this person 2100% ROI return. I was like, you spent the dollar. Shut up. Well, okay. Hold on. These guys are rat jobs. They're all idiots. They're all really good at running Facebook ads for themselves. They have no idea how to do it for anyone else, and they only tell you about the one time that they had one person do it. I'm gonna tell you right now, they're really easy. You don't need to hire any of these guys. They're not that hard. Facebook's back end is clunky and obnoxious.

Gina Milazzo:  It's horrible.

Andrew Maff:  But, if you grasp what it's trying to do, then you're like oh, okay, I get it. Because [crosstalk 00:01:15]-

Gina Milazzo:  Give it like 15 minutes. Watch a couple YouTube videos. We have some YouTube videos.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah. I'll send you some YouTube videos. Don't go to-

Gina Milazzo:  I'll email them to you personally.

Andrew Maff:  Tool. Facebook coach guy. I come across a lot of times on Facebook too, the, oh hey. Lemme tell you about-

Gina Milazzo:  You like pop into the screen.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah. They're at their office. It's a huge office, or the guy's got his feet up while he's at a beach. You wanna work from the beach? I'm like, no, I don't, because I hate sand. It gets everywhere. But, anyway. So, okay. Facebook ads. So, video report.

Gina Milazzo:  The real [crosstalk 00:01:48] videos make the injury.

Andrew Maff:  Give every vent about Facebook coaches and their obnoxious comments. Anyway. So, here's the simplicity behind Facebook ads, social ads in general. You only need to run four or five different campaigns at a time. Yes, you can come up with a ton of others, and depending on how you structure things, you can do a billion campaigns, but in reality, you only need to do a handful at a time. So, you have what we've really just called a cold ... You can call it whatever you want, but a cold prospecting audience. Then, you have a warm prospecting audience. Then, you have a re-targeting ad, and you have abandoned card campaign. That's it. You really don't need that much more.

Gina Milazzo:  In case it needs to be said, don't use the same video with everyone or say the same the same thing to everyone.

Andrew Maff:  Yes, please.

Gina Milazzo:  I mean, really. Let's just get it out there.

Andrew Maff:  Know who you're talking to. So, I'm so excited for this one to go out, because I'm waiting for all these Facebook coaches. No, you're wrong. Uh! You shouldn't be writing like that!

Gina Milazzo:  Work on the beach is the best!

Andrew Maff:  Stop. Go away. Enjoy your cores. Okay, so here's a bunch of things. So, e-commerce, right? The dynamic prime targeting ads; eh, not really that great. Abandon cart. Works pretty well with the dynamics. So, basically, if you don't know what they are, you're showing someone exactly the product that they left behind. But, the problem is that you'll see ... people run these different campaigns. They run these different things, and they're not thinking about where the person is in their journey already, through the customer journey already. So, it's-

Gina Milazzo:  Super important.

Andrew Maff:  You can't rerun the prospecting ad in your abandon cart ad. It makes no sense. They are already basically closing. They're basically at the end of their day, and they're ready to do this. You're hitting them with the same crap. You're trying to just loop 'em back in, as opposed to just having them cut through, which is why I hate- they call it a funnel, because in my head, you gotta bring 'em back around when, I just wanna jam 'em in the center. So, what I'm saying is, you run, if you can, if you can get a video, which; videos are easy to make, as you can see. We make these half ass videos.

Gina Milazzo:  We can do it again.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah. I know we do. So, take a video, if you can. Run an ad with the goal of conversion. Yes. Just go straight at it. Goal conversion. Have it go directly to the website. If someone views the ad but doesn't go to the site, then you target them with the warm prospecting ad; so you're literally re-targeting someone that originally saw your video. So, 50% more of the video. Didn't click. Send 'em back to the site. So, it's label, triangle thing that you're trying to send back to the site. Then they get to the site. Now, you can run a re-targeting. I like to run different types of audiences for the re-targeting all within one campaign so I can know what re-targeting is working, but someone who went to your homepage and then left; really unlikely to come back and shop.

So, I'm gonna send them an ad, but I'm not gonna try my best. That's gonna be my lower body one. Then, I'm gonna do; okay, they actually went to a product page, or they spent x amount of time on the site, or they're one of my top visitors, and they still haven't purchased. I'm going to send them stuff a lot harder. Then, you have your abandon cart. Those are the people that got all the way to the end, and for whatever reason, didn't finish. The abandon cart; the go-to is to run a discount code, right? Oh, they didn't close. They didn't do this.

But, what I like to do is actually sitemap the audience. So, in the first seven days, or in the first two or three days, run an ad to them. Don't offer them anything. They very well may have looked on their phone to shop, and said, oh, I wanna buy this, and are going to buy it later, and then just forgot. You don't wanna run a discount for them if they were gonna purchase anyway. So, you can sitemap the audience and do first, someone who abandoned the cart in the last two or three days. And then, you can do another one, someone who abandoned the cart in the last four plus days, and then give them the discount code. You can sitemap out the different re-targeting ads.

It's that cold audience one all the way to the beginning that's the most difficult, where you have to just constantly be testing new audiences. Here's a lookalike of people who've done this. Here's a lookalike of people who have done that. Lookalikes tend to work very very well. Interest targeting; it's a little difficult depending on how you're doing 'em, depending on what you're trying to reach. But again, it does all come down to what content you're using. Think about who you're talking to and where they're at in the buying process, because not everyone gets the same ad over and over, otherwise it's just pointless.

Gina Milazzo:  And, I'll probably flag it on Instagram, 'cause I'm really spiteful about bad ads.

Andrew Maff:  Exactly. So, if you learn anything from this one, it's that Facebook coaches are a joke. You should not work with them.

Gina Milazzo:  Don't do it.

Andrew Maff:  It's a waste of money. You can figure it out. It's not that hard. There's four campaigns. Cold, warm, re-targeting, abandon cart.

Gina Milazzo:  Newborn. No, I'm just kidding.

Andrew Maff:  Newborn?

Gina Milazzo:  That's not a thing. Be patient. Don't expect instant results like we said. Give people a little time to choose to convert. I think that abandon cart sentiment is a really good example of this. Recognize the times where you don't purchase right away. It's not always everyone's fault.

Andrew Maff:  So, our tool that we're gonna mention this week is our own.

Gina Milazzo:  Say what? Shameless self promotion!!

Andrew Maff:  So, Seller's Dash is a thing, and it's definitely being contested right now. It's still getting there. So, the Facebook ad point is great. We're still working out a ton of other dashboards we're trying to work out, but we love this dashboard. The reason we made it is because it was so complicated to get all of our numbers in one place that was live. So, we have it all set up all nice and pretty where you can look at Facebook and see, what's this? What's that? What's my number for this? What's my number for that? What's my CPA? What's my conversion rate? What's my spend? What's this?

You can go through the whole thing without having to go through Facebook's awful business manager. So, check out Sellersdash. It probably isn't on our site right now, 'cause it's still eh, so just message below and we'll help you out. I just said; it's eh. I can do better. It's eh. The ads one is really good. It's the other ones that we're still trying to build up. So, ask me about the Facebook ads one. I may even just get it to some people, because I want you to test it out for us.

Gina Milazzo:  Just slide into his DMs, of course.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah. Slide into my DMs. Facebook ad, bros. I can't wait to hear from you. Thank you again for joining us for Sellerscast. Again, please make sure you subscribe, and then be sure to comment below with your malicious comments about why you should work with a Facebook ads coach, or let us know what you'd like us to talk about next time.

Gina Milazzo:  Maybe why Andrew always wear his hat backwards. I'd love to relate you to that.

Andrew Maff:  Yeah! 'Cause I'm 12 at heart. Joint week, and we'll see you next week.

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