Skubana: The Must-Have Inventory Management System For Sellers


At Seller’s Choice, we’re always looking for better solutions for our sellers to manage their online businesses. One of our favorite platforms that always remain top of our research is also an industry-wide favorite: Skubana. Skubana helps you automate and centralize all of the activities post-checkout to make running your online business a breeze.


Whether you have a small business or an online enterprise, Skubana can take your business to new heights and free up your time to focus on strategy, growth, and even family!


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What is Skubana?

The founder of Skubana, Chad Rubin, is himself a top eCommerce seller. He saw that the online selling world lacked the proper tools to operate a fully-fledged, scalable business. He noticed that there were hundreds of companies specializing in various parts of the process, but there was no system to unify these functions. This forced eCommerce sellers to use fragmented, expensive, and inefficient solutions from a variety of software and platforms.


So he decided to create the solution. He wanted to build a single system that would manage the entire business’ operations… and do it at a low cost.


Skubana started as an inventory counting system. As an online seller, you have likely noticed this inventory problem yourself. Sales channels don’t communicate with one another about your inventory. If a customer buys your product on Amazon, other sites like eBay and your Shopify website don’t deduct that lost inventory from their own queues.


Skubana’s new multi-channel centralization of inventory counting proved profoundly successful. But it wasn’t enough. Chad and his partner wanted to solve the entire puzzle, not provide one piece for it. So they decided to become an end-to-end platform. Anything that happens after checkout—from vendor management to fulfillment to analytics— can be managed from Skubana’s centralized site.


Three years after its founding in 2013, Skubana is still the superior leader in inventory and logistics management.


To sum up Skubana’s function today: Skubana is an all-in-one cloud software offering an extensive assortment of operational tools for online businesses.


It’s made for any seller, big or small, who wants to easily integrate all of their channels and marketplaces. If you sell on Amazon, your own website (Shopify), eBay, Sears, internationally, or more, Skubana can centralize your inventory and operational processes with a single click. It’s often found as a plugin on these sites to make integration as easy as a single download.


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What are the benefits of Skubana?

Skubana coordinates everything for you, from your warehouses to drop shippers to 3PL carriers. You can automate your processes and take a hands-off approach so you can focus on those strategic tasks that will grow your business. Skubana is the easiest way to keep your hands free from your inventory management without losing grasp of your company.


“Automation is freedom. Total automation means freedom to work on your business, not in your business.”


Skubana is accessible from any device that has access to the cloud. You can see real-time data, including orders, inventory, and analytics. Their in-depth analytics system doesn’t just hand you a report of your operations management; it provides you with key insights into how your inventory is doing, where you could be cutting costs and potentials for growth.


Because of its adaptability, Skubana is easily scalable for businesses that are looking to grow. At Seller’s Choice, we think this is one of the most important aspects of Skubana. As a seller, you always want to be thinking of the future of your brand, and Skubana never limits you. In fact, it encourages high volumes and business growth because it’s so efficient, usable, and intelligent. Plus, it’s so easy to use that you don’t even need the training to get going with it.


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Some of their feature offerings include:

  • Real-time, integrated inventory management, and synchronization
  • True inventory count with master SKU data
  • Bundle/kit inventory per SKU or per warehouse
  • Multi-warehouse integration and fulfillment, including Amazon FBA
  • Share FBA inventory with merchant fulfilled listings
  • Overselling and underselling prevention
  • Multiple pick locations
  • Barcoding
  • Print shipping labels from cloud
  • Business intelligence analytics across marketplaces
  • Auto purchase order generation, driven by cross-channel order velocity
  • Vendor and purchase order workflow
  • Intuitive order and returns processing
  • One-click integrations with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and other major channels


On top of that, they have no contracts, no setup fees, and no percentage of revenue. They can be a bit on the pricier side, though, coming in at around $1000 per month. However, we’d exchange the slightly higher price for quality service and no percentage of revenue. You pay a flat fee each month, so you can easily incorporate it into your overhead expenses and margin calculation.


Skubana: The Must-Have Inventory Management System For Sellers Skubana Shipping Providers


How does Skubana relate to your business?

Inventory management is an important part of any distribution or online business. You need to know where your products are and how to access them in order to sell them. You need to know your inventory in order to sell your inventory.


Strong inventory control can help you speed up fulfillment, lower your warehousing costs, push product, prevent fraud, balance accounts, and analyze your business. Improper inventory control leaves you with unsold inventory, unexplained losses, and unhappy customers.


Skubana is truly the leader in the inventory management field, negating these concerns and focusing on utilizing your inventory control for business growth.


We like to call Skubana an inventory management system “with heart.” They do more than just count and manage your inventory. They help you control your products and use the inventory data to automate, centralize, and grow.


Skubana is about unifying your business’ inventory, fulfillment, shipping, and analytics. Outsourcing to Skubana is a strong option to consider if you want more free time to spend on your business and on your life.


Skubana: The Must-Have Inventory Management System For Sellers Skubana Profitability Breakdown


But what about before the checkout?

Skubana takes care of everything after the customer hits “buy” and the product needs to leave the warehouse. But to get to that point—to even get to the point of having a customer buy those products that Skubana will manage—you need a strong front-house partner. You need someone who can help you optimize your listings, boost your design, develop your branding and content, and put you front and center in the eyes of your customer.


That’s where Seller’s Choice services come in. We bring you the customers, they buy, and we hand them over to Skubana or other inventory management systems. It really can be that easy for you as a seller.


The Bottom Line

Skubana will consolidate all of your inventory data and warehouse management on a single platform. Across channels and across marketplaces, Skubana becomes “the single source of truth for all your data and operations.”


Let Seller’s Choice be your single source of truth for your marketing and development. Contact us right now to see what we would do to enhance and develop the front-house of your business. 


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