Can Twitter Ads Increase Revenue?

A healthy social networking policy is essential to any e-commerce business, but with so many social networking sites, it’s hard to determine where to focus your time. There’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit all competing for your advertising and social media budget. So you have to wonder if Twitter is worth your time and effort. After all, how much impact can 280-characters make in your overall sales?


As it turns out, quite a bit. A 2015 study funded by Twitter showed that Twitter users are avid shoppers. According to a study by Millward Brown and Crimson Hexagon, Twitter users tend to spend more (about $162.52) and buy more than non-users. According to the study, Twitter users made an average of 6.9 purchases per month compared to 4.3 purchases from non-users.


When it comes to influence, Twitter is also heavily relied on by shoppers. Nearly half of all female Twitter users say that Twitter has played an influence on their shopping decisions. Additionally, these shoppers are 60% more likely than others to pay attention to their favorite brands feeds, looking for news and promotions. They’re also much more likely to hunt for deals. Additionally, because Twitter encourages conversation with retweets and replies, they’re nearly two and a half times more likely to initiate conversations with their favorite brands.


Combined, this study shows that Twitter will allow your brand to do several beneficial things. You’re going to drive conversions, social interactions, and best of all, revenue by using Twitter properly as an advertising platform. With nearly 40% of their user-base visiting at least once per day and over half of that visiting multiple times, leveraging Twitter for your e-Commerce site is a must.


Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads on Twitter

Twitter has decided to do away with their “Buy Here” buttons, choosing instead to focus on ad space. This is better for your company because it allows you to focus on getting people to your site to see what your brand is about instead of having to focus on driving sales at the point of contact.


Twitters objective-based campaigns will be very familiar to you if you’ve run any sort of PPC advertising on Amazon. These campaigns allow you to focus on click-throughs, app engagements, Twitter engagements, and gaining new followers.

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Image Website Card

There are several types of tweets that you can use for your ad campaigns when you’re focusing on increasing your bottom line. The most useful is the image website card. This type of card uses one of two aspect ratios to promote click-throughs. The first is 1:1, the second is 1:1.91. The image size is 800 x 800 pixels, the second is 800 x 418. The images must be either PNG or JPEG, as Twitter doesn’t use BMP or TIFF image files.


Can Twitter Ads Increase Revenue?


Can Twitter Ads Increase Revenue?

[Images by Twitter]


For an image website card on Twitter, the copy is limited to 232 characters. The full length of copy is 256 characters but 24 is used for image space. The website title length is limited to 70 characters, but to avoid having it cut off, you should limit the title to 50 characters.


This image website card is primarily used to drive click-throughs to your website.


Promoted Video Cards

Another type of card that can be used to great effect is the promoted video card. This is a great way to highlight a product or give a teaser for a new launch. Showing off a new product or a snippet of a how-to video is a great way to get your followers to click-through. If nothing else, they want to see the rest of what you teased them with.


The format for this type of card is similar to the static image card. The title under the video is limited to 70 characters, but again, because of how different devices work, you should stick to something under 50 characters. The video file has to be either an MP4 or a MOV and under 1 GB in size. The total length of the video should be under 2:20, but Twitter does allow certain advertisers to increase this up to 10 minutes.


Can Twitter Ads Increase Revenue?

[Image by Twitter]


When encoding a video for Twitter, the best option is a standard H264 with 30 fps or higher and a 5k or 6k bitrate for 720 and 1080 video respectively in a standard 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratio. Use an AAC audio codec for best results as well.


Multi-Image Ads

Multiple image ads can be used to great effect when you’re advertising a story or a concept that you think will drive traffic. You can use one to four images with the aspect ratios shown in Twitter’s mockup below.


Can Twitter Ads Increase Revenue?


[Image via Twitter]

The maximum file size for this type of tweet is 3 MB, and again, only JPEG and PNG images are usable. The actual text space is 280 characters, allowing you to craft a simple narrative with a link that encourages click-throughs.


Things to Remember About Your Tweets

One of the most important things to remember when you’re coming up with your campaign is the lifecycle of a tweet. Most tweets have a lifecycle that lasts about 18 minutes. There are exceptions, but those come far and few between.


Consider that at the last official count, there were 330 million monthly active users on Twitter sending out hundreds of millions of tweets every day. That means that in any given second, there are over 300,000 tweets being made. How are you going to make sure that your tweets stand out?

  • Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket. Don’t be shy. Create multiple campaigns and target different groups. Use A/B testing to see what type of content is getting the best responses. This will enable you to monitor your campaign throughout its life and adapt them.
  • Monitor and Adapt Your Ads. Twitter moves quickly, so don’t leave the analysis for the end of the day. As your tweets go out every few hours, monitor each one, so you can tweak the next release cycle.
  • Be Involved. Pay attention to what’s trending in your area and worldwide. This will let you create organic tweets that capitalize on these and encourage engagement from your followers.
  • Engage Your Followers. Twitter is also a great place to engage in customer service. For your small or medium-sized business (SMB), nearly 30 percent of your followers will tweet at you.
  • Find Your Voice. Not every tweet has to drive a click-through. Use your Twitter account to engage followers and respond to those who tweet at you. Getting a reply makes people feel better about your business as well.
  • Don’t Buy Followers. Everyone wants to see a huge number of followers next to their name. However, buying followers doesn’t get you what’s really important. Those fake followers aren’t going to drive conversions, retweet, or even interact with your brand. And that’s what you want from your Twitter.


Twitter can and should be an integral part of your social media strategy. With these tips, you can create a marketing strategy on Twitter that draws new followers. You’ll be able to draw maximum engagement from both your organic and PPC Tweets, ensuring that your brand gets the engagement that it deserves. 


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