Why And How Video Marketing Can Work For You

The use of video content in marketing strategies has become an essential tool for growing brand awareness, obtaining new customers, and retaining the customers you already have. In fact, video has become so important that it is predicted that videos will make up 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.


E-commerce sellers simply cannot afford to be on the wrong side of this statistic. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy will help you stand out, grow your brand, demonstrate value to your audience and increase your sales.


With continued improvements to smartphone cameras, what was once considered expensive media to produce can now be done by just about anyone. This ease of use has certainly contributed to video’s rise in popularity but the ability to control every aspect of the shoot from production values to subject and brand voice makes it a particularly effective marketing tool.


If you have been on the fence about creating video content, it is time to take a serious look at what video can do for you. Do not get left behind! Here is why you should develop a video strategy today:


How Video Can Help

Video marketing will help make sure that your products and your brand have the best chance of reaching your target audience. The majority of today’s shoppers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it; companies that use video marketing see their click-through rate and web conversions increase by 27% and 34%, respectively, and their revenues increase year-on-year by 49%.


Why And How Video Marketing Can Work For You video marketing concept


Here’s why video is so effective:

Grabs Attention: Video helps you grab attention in an otherwise static space. Consider your own social media page, what jumps out at you when you are scrolling through the newsfeed? The movement of a video will always draw the eye, especially when it is set amongst still photos and text. The same can be said for including video on your homepage. Instead of using only webcopy to grab and hold your visitors’ attention, you can draw them in with an interesting video.


Passive Consumption: Video consumption is a fairly passive pursuit. Often times, people find themselves watching marketing videos without giving much thought to what they are doing. This is particularly true of videos that autoplay when they are scrolled over. The vast majority of people do not bother to turn off the video and usually end up just watching it.  


This passivity allows you to reach customers with minimal effort. If you are able to create content that makes an impression, viewers are not only likely to share your video on their social channels, but also to remember your name in the future.


Provides Value: One of the greatest things about video is that it allows you to provide your audience with valuable content at a reasonable price to you. Many smartphones can shoot video in 4K, which means you can make a video for next to no money. The cost of the video will depend on what type of video you are making and your overall marketing strategy, but the benefits always outweigh the costs.


Video allows you to convey information with greater efficiency and effectiveness than traditional static images. The number of ways you can display your product, services, or brand through video are limited only by your imagination.


Consider a brand like Tasty. Anyone who has ever been online has come across a Tasty video. By showing viewers a finished product, they have demonstrated what can be expected from watching the entire video. People watch to be entertained and to be educated, and in that are given something valuable in return for their investment of time.


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Increases Brand Awareness:

Video gives you the opportunity to reach people in a deep and meaningful way. Whether you strike an entertaining note by going after a laugh, or deliver a handy “how to” video, this medium gives you full control over how you market your product. It allows you to deliver your brand voice, unfiltered, to your customers. This can help elevate your brand’s authenticity and trustworthiness in the eyes of your audience.


Using video can establish your brand as a thought leader, keeping you front of mind when a customer goes looking for a product or service in your market category. Consider Tasty one more time. By providing videos that show impossibly delicious-looking food and how it is made, a viewer is likely to search Tasty for that video, or others, when looking to try fun and exciting recipes.


Video can make a visual and emotional connection with a viewer that will last well beyond the initial view.


How To Make Video Work For You

It is important to include video in your social media content as well as your overall marketing strategy. But before you start filming every move you make, keep the following in mind:


What to avoid

Not all video is created equal. It is important to maintain a particular tone and messaging for the duration of the video.


Try not to be too salesy. If you are pushing too hard to try and sell your audience on your product, you are only going to turn them off. People are bombarded with enough commercials and direct ad campaigns, try to offer something else. Product demos, best uses, education pieces, or pure entertainment will do more for your sales numbers than a direct sales pitch.


Video can be a great way to alert potential buyers to any promotions you have running, but if the video pushes too hard or offers too many different promotions, it will have a negative impact on customer interest.


Why And How Video Marketing Can Work For You video marketing concept


Remember to:

Keep it short: The most impactful videos are short. People have short attention spans and when you keep the runtime to a minimum, you help to ensure that they actually watch and receive your message.


It is not necessary to tell an entire story in one short video. In fact, it can be better to spread things out whenever possible. Create a series of videos that cover related topics to give people a reason to return to your page.


Be engaging: A significant amount of online time is spent watching video. Of all the things people see online, they find video the easiest to engage with. The connection to video is so powerful that 80% of people remember video advertising more than other types of ads and people are 64% more likely to make a purchase from an online store after watching a video.

Let your personality shine and show people who you are as a company. Video shows your legitimacy and establishes you as a trustworthy, tech-savvy source for both information and products.


Be relevant: Create videos that are relevant and of value to your particular target customer. If you are too broad in your appeal, you will end up missing the mark completely. Use your brand voice to speak directly to your brand audience. Video is a fairly direct medium and the more you can do to personalize it to your base, the more you strengthen your community and your sales.


What type of video content should you create?

The type of videos you create will depend largely on your overall marketing strategy and intention but there are a few video types that are worth serious consideration and may provide you with a good place to start.


Product demos: Product demos show your audience how your product works. Consider providing an online walkthrough or create an unboxing video or put your product to the test.


Brand video: This type of video showcases a brand’s vision or overall mission. In this instance, you are not necessarily showing a product or service, but creating awareness of your brand to draw in the correct audience. Do not be afraid to tell them who you are.


Educational videos: Teach your audience something. Whether you teach them something new or try to establish a knowledge base or understanding, these types of videos can go a long way to establishing you as an industry thought leader.


Event videos: If you are hosting an industry event, create a video about it. Make a highlight reel of the entire night to show any important interviews, discussions, and contacts. Showing your activities among other professionals in the field will add to your legitimacy.


Explainer videos: These videos often focus on a fictional buyer persona and demonstrates how they use your product or service to resolve a problem they are facing. By focusing on your ideal customer persona and showing a resolution, you give potential customers an opportunity to see themselves achieving their own resolution with your product.


Video marketing is a powerful way to reach potential customers, engage with your base, and increase your conversion and sales rates. But in order to use this medium to your advantage, you need to make sure that each video tells the story you want it to tell. Remember, you cannot make everyone happy all of the time. Some videos will be more successful than others, but by considering the points laid out above, and targeting your video to the right audience, it will not take long to see positive results.


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